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Water resources

Our research

The water resources research group investigates lakes, rivers and wetlands and their importance to human societies at catchment to ecosystem scales. We address questions of how water availability and water quality are affected by human activities and climate change. We apply geospatial tools, models and soft computing techniques to investigate, extract, monitor and model hydrological features and hydrodynamic phenomena. Our research aims to provide sustainable aquatic management solutions.  We are active in the following areas

  • Hydrological and urban flash flood modeling
  • GIS & remote sensing in water resource management
  • Sediment transport and implications for geomorphology and flood management    
  • Ecological impacts of flooding on wetland and shallow lake ecosystems
  • Assessment of ecological change in lake ecosystems using palaeolimnology

We have expertise in geospatial techniques, including GIS & remote sensing, water quality monitoring, sediment core analyses using a range of biological and geochemical proxies, sediment transport modeling and river geomorphology surveys. We are equipped with a GIS laboratory with licensed ArcGIS 10x, ERDAS Imagine10x, Open source GIS (OSGeo) capabilities, Mini UAVs and GPS facilities. The group has strong collaborative linkages with the Geoscience Research Group (School of Geography,UK) and  the Geospatial Information Science Research Centre (GISRC) Faculty of Engineering , UPM  among others.


Current projects

Lakes in the Arctic carbon cycle funded by NERC Arctic Research Programme

Silicon isotope records of recent environmental change and anthropogenic pollution from Lake Baikal, Siberia

River diversion as a restoration technique for urban shallow lakes

Regional and local drivers of limnological change in lakes of the Windermere catchment


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Academic staff

Lawal Billa

Suzanne McGowan

Nicholas Wallerstein


Postdoctoral researchers

Xu Chen

Postgraduate students

Heather Moorhouse

Mark Stevenson

Sarah Roberts



Windermere Catchment Restoration Programme

Cemex (UK) Ltd

Attenborough Nature Centre


Loughborough University

Geospatial Information Science Research Center (UPM)




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