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A unique aspect of our degree programmes is the compulsory language component. The study of a modern European or Asian language is a core requirement, ensuring that you graduate with a high level of spoken and written fluency (in a language new to you), improving not only your grasp of another language and culture, but also dramatically enhancing your employability in today’s competitive job market.

Your degree will give you a thorough understanding of contemporary communications in both local and international settings. You will develop the practical, creative, analytical and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in our globalised society.

Why study International Communications?

Below are just five reasons why you should consider a degree with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures:

Learn a modern European or Asian language:

During three years of intensive study you will achieve a working knowledge of the language and experience shows that this significantly increases your employability.

Study abroad

As a part of your studies, enrolled at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, you have the opportunity not only to study for one semester at our UK campus, and one semester at our Ningbo, China campus, but also to take part in Universitas 21 mobility programmes with our partner universities all over the world, and to enrol in a number of affiliated intensive language and culture programmes with universities in the countries of our target modern languages – Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China and Korea. No other university offers this range of guaranteed international experience.

A diverse international student body: 

76 nationalities are represented on campus, and in your classes you will be mixing with students from all over the world – the network of alumni associations is unparalleled by any university, and your seminars and workshops benefit from a tremendous range of cultural and linguistic experiences.


Be taught by world-class academics from a number of countries and cultures:

There are 36 nationalities represented in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences alone, all with qualifications and experience from top universities around the world. Again, this diversity makes not only for an interesting course, but also for a sophisticated and sensitive attention to your needs as a learner.

A dynamic, interdisciplinary learning environment:

In addition to learning a new language: You will study communications, media and culture in an international context, drawing on the most up-to-date knowledge, theory and examples of global, regional and local societies.



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