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MyNottingham for Students


MyNottingham, your new student portal, is now live!

MyNottingham provides personalised information all in one place, and can be accessed 24/7 and from any location. The portal provides access to manage your finances, request support and check your plan and course information. Other information relevant to your studies is also linked through the portal.

FAQs can be accessed via the link on the left hand side.These new changes are just the beginning and we will continue to update you as new services are provided.




Overview of MyNottingham portal  


Tutorials for managing your finances

Account History and Payment 

This video shows you how to view your account history, and how to pay outstanding charges in MyNottingham.  

Manage Bank Account Details

This video shows you how to add and edit your bank account details in MyNottingham. 



Make a Payment

This video shows you how to make a payment through MyNottingham.  

Make an Optional Purchase

This video shows you how to make an optional purchase (such as a lab coat) through MyNottingham. 



If you require support

FAQs are available. If these don’t answer your query and you have any technical issues please contact the IT Service Desk, or you can ask your Faculty Office, the Student Services Centre or other services for additional support.    




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