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Year 1 of New Pharmacy Degree wins Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Lord Dearing award winners.

The academics who designed and led Year 1 of our new Pharmacy (MPharm) degree, have won a major University award for the course.

The Lord Dearing Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning attract intense competition, and this year an award has been made to the leaders of our new MPharm Year 1 course :  Dr Colin Melia (Head of Year 1) , Dr Cristina De Matteis, Dr Felicity Rose, Dr Helen Boardman (Module convenors), Professor Michael Randall (Case studies, School of Life Sciences) and  Dr Andrew Morris (Head of School, UNMC). 

The Lord Dearing  award is given for :

Excellence in supporting student learning; 

Evidence of stimulating and inspiring student learning; 

Recognition and support of diverse student learning needs; 

Supporting colleagues in the promotion of student learning; 

A serious and ongoing commitment to review and reflection to enhance individual practice; 

Clear evidence of the impact on the quality of the student learning experience 

Dr Colin Melia said ' We are absolutely delighted. We designed our new Year 1 course to integrate Pharmacy subject areas in a radically new way, and we taught it for the first time this year. This award, and the high levels of student satisfaction we received, are a testimony to the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff who taught and designed the course, and to our Year 1 students, who provided excellent constructive feedback throughout'

The award winners will receive their award at the Graduation ceremony in July.

Posted on 10th July 2013

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