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PHIR Newsletter - Issue 2, 2015


Editor's note

Welcome to the second alumni newsletter of the 2015/16 academic year. We hope you found the first newsletter interesting and that you were kept informed about what we’re doing at PHIR in UNMC. We mentioned in the
newsletter that we want to make this a regular thing each semester – and to make it as interactive as possible.
To that end we would really welcome hearing your news – or at least the news that you are willing to share with
the rest of the growing PHIR alumni community! So please, if you have any news about what you’re doing, where you’re currently living, how you’re finding life after PHIR, then please, let us know and we’ll include it in the next newsletter! We also welcome ideas and suggestions about how to develop the newsletter to make it more
interesting and appropriate for you all. 

Faculty news

  • Amedeo Policante
  • Joshua Snider 
  • Linda Quayle 
  • Michael Connors
  • Sumit Mandal 
  • Trevor Parfitt 
  • Patrick O'Reilly 
  • Francesco Stolfi
  • Guy Burton



Student news

  • Politics and International Relations Careers Day   
  • PHIR-NOTT collaborated with Project Dialog
  • PHIR-NOTT christmas dinner 

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