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Joyce is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. She obtained her PhD from the University of Bath, United Kingdom in July 2012, focusing on sonochemistry (chemistry of ultrasound) on dental equipment. She is currently working on acoustic pressure prediction on various ultrasonically driven equipment and attempts to optimise their usage in various industrial fields, such as waste water treatment, drug delivery, dental practices and so on.

Teaching Summary

From the past to present, here are the list of modules that I have taught.

CHEE2020 Particle Mechanics (2013 - present) CHEE2016 Engineering Materials (2013 - 2016) CHEE4044 Water Treatment Engineering (2016 - present) CHEE4058 Petroleum Refining and Gas Processing (2018 - present)

Apart from the taught modules listed, I have also supervised Year 3, Year 4 and postgraduate students.

Year 3 Design Project (DPX) Year 3 Process Engineering Laboratory (previously called Chemical Engineering Laboratory) Year 4 Advanced Design (MEP) Year 4 Research Project (MEP) MSc Research project/ Dissertation MPhil Chemical Engineering PhD in Chemical Engineering (ongoing)

Research Summary

My past and present research area includes:

- Optimising the ultrasonic dental equipment experimentally and via simulation

- Optimisation of ultrasonically formed oil-in-water systems

- Synthesising and optimisation of sonocatalysts for hydrogenation of oil

- Simulation of acoustic pressure systems by incorporating attenuation coefficient and for multi-phase systems.

Selected Publications

  • T. JOYCE TIONG, LIANG EE LOW, HUI JIUN TEOH, JIT KAI CHIN and SIVAKUMAR MANICKAM, 2015. Variation in Performance at Different Positions of an Ultrasonic VialTweeter – A Study based on various Physical and Chemical activities Ultrasonics Sonochemistry. 27, 165-170
  • SIVAKUMAR MANICKAM, TIMM JOYCE TIONG, DERICK LIEW KHONG LIT, RAMONA CLAIRE GONDIPON, RYAN WONG WEYSERN and LOO YUEN LING, 2015. Characterisation of Pilot-Scale Triple Frequency Ultrasonic Reactor (TFUR) and Validation of its Performance through Physical, Chemical and Simulation Techniques In: 2nd Asia-Oceania Sonochemical Society (AOSS-2) Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-28 July, 2015.
  • MATTHEW S. T. LOK, T. JOYCE TIONG, JIT-KAI CHIN and SIVAKUMAR MANICKAM, 2015. Selective encapsulation and release of emulsion droplets via coupling ultrasound and microfluidic technologies In: 2nd Asia-Oceania Sonochemical Society (AOSS-2) Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-28 July, 2015.
  • GARETH PRICE and T. JOYCE TIONG, 2015. Using Sonochemistry in Dentistry In: 2nd Asia-Oceania Sonochemical Society (AOSS-2) Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-28 July, 2015.

Past Research

Previously, I was working on ultrasonically driven dental equipment, focusing on endosonic files used for root canal treatments. In the study, I have developed various characterisation methods to evaluate the efficiencies of different endosonic files and correlating them to the cleaning effectiveness by doing various in-vitro studies on prototype models. This work ended with computational modelling on the acoustic pressure predictions to correlate and attempt to optimise the designs of endosonic files used for actual clinical treatments.

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