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Melissa Yit Yee Kam

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Dr Melissa Kam Yit Yee serves as an Assistant Professor within the School of Biosciences. She completed her undergraduate degree in Plant Biotechnology in 2015 and received her doctorate degree in Biosciences in 2021, both of which conferred upon her by the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her PhD research focused on plant secondary metabolite enhancement, specifically on the compound artemisinin produced almost exclusively by the herb Artemisia annua that has long been used as a treatment for malaria. In addition to her work on artemisinin, she also studies ornamental aquatic plants, with a particular emphasis on Aponogeton ulvaceus.

Expertise Summary

Plant tissue culture, plant secondary metabolism, plant natural products

Teaching Summary

Dr Melissa is a module contributor for the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Biotechnology (BIOS1051)
  2. Molecular Biology of the Cell (BIOS2059)

Selected Publications

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