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Stay current and get connected with your favourite journals by using BrowZine, a desktop and mobile-friendly service helping you to browse and read journals quickly and easily.

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a journal discovery tool which enables you to browse, read and monitor current scholarly journal content subscribed by the university and open access journals on your mobile device, laptop or desktop PC (Personal Computer).

How can I start using BrowZine?

There are two platforms in getting started with BrowZine, which are BrowZine Web and BrowZine App.

You can access BrowZine web via NUsearch or go to and select University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus as your library, and login with your university username and password.

Or, you may download the BrowZine free app to your mobile devices from Apple App Stores (Apple iOS user) or  Google Play (Android user).

I do not have an account with BrowZine. Can I still browse and access article in there?

No, you do not need to have an account to use BrowZine.

If you are using BrowZine Web, you can still browse the journal, look up titles, read tables of contents, and download articles but it is only restricted to the open access collection. For subscribed journal articles, you will be prompted/needed to login using your university username and password to access it.

If you are using BrowZine App, once you have entered your university username and password, you will able to access all articles in BrowZine.

However, in order to use the personalization features of My Bookshelf and My Articles, login to BrowZine account is required.

What is My Bookshelf?

My Bookshelf is your personal bookshelf where you add the journals you want to monitor. You can store up to 64 journals – 16 in each of the 4 coloured ‘bookcase’. This feature allows you to:

  • Organize your favourite journals in one place
  • Organize bookshelf by moving the journals between multiple ‘shelves’ and ‘bookcases’ as well as renaming the shelves and bookcases
  • sync and be informed that you have new unread articles available in that journal by displaying red bubbles notification at the journal.

To use this feature, you need to create an account and login to BrowZine.

  • At the journal’s contents page, click on the ‘ADD TO MY BOOKSHELF’ link on the left side.
  • A green notification will appear on top of the screen upon the journal has been added to the bookshelf.

Can BrowZine work off-campus?

Yes, you need to enter your university username and password when prompted. BrowZine should work if there is an internet connection.

Can I export citation to reference management software like EndNote?

Yes, you can save articles to EndNote/Zotero/Mendeley etc as there is an option called ‘Export Citation’.

Can I save my favourite article in BrowZine?

Yes, you can do so by using the ‘My Article’ feature that available in BrowZine.

My Articles is a feature which allows you to save articles you find on the Web, iOS or Android versions of BrowZine into one or many collections within My Articles.

To get started using My Articles (prior login using BrowZine account)

  • simply find an article you are interested in and
  • click the folder icon to save it to My Articles.

Once the article is saved, it will always note which collections the article is saved for the user and will only provide a quick link directly to the full text content. This is what you will see in the Web version.

For the iOS and Android versions, the BrowZine have the additional feature of being able to save full text PDF's for offline reading once you add it into My Articles folder. These collections then will be synced across all the devices you are using via your BrowZine Account.

Why isn't every journal that UNM has access to available on BrowZine?

BrowZine works by establishing direct connections to the publishers themselves, therefore, collections contained within database aggregators such as EBSCO and ProQuest may not show as available, or may show different holdings.

In some cases, scholarly publishers may also publish newsletters, conference proceedings, trade journals or magazines which will not be included because of lack of metadata availability.

You can find the list of publishers that supports by Browzine at here. Any journals included in that group and published since 2005 should be viewable.

Alternatively, you may go to NUsearch ‘Journals’, to browse all the journals that subscribed by UNM.

Where can I access BrowZine video tutorials?

BrowZine video tutorials available online at




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