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I'd like to use EndNote at home as well as at the University. Can I install EndNote on my PC at home?

Our university has a site license of EndNote which allows for EndNote to be installed on every computer on the campus.

All Students and Faculty members have the right to use EndNote outside of campus, even on your personal computers. This is covered under the site license. You may install the EndNote software from IT Software Catalogue.

Alternatively, you may consider using EndNote Online. EndNote Online is accessible on the web from any location, and you can easily transfer references between EndNote and EndNote Online.

From within EndNote, select Library > Sync to transfer references between the two.

For more information on transferring references to/from EndNote Web, please go to

All my references are saved in a Word document. Can I import them into EndNote?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible.  EndNote would not be able to distinguish which was the author, title etc. and consequently, won’t be able to put them into the correct fields within EndNote.

You can either type in your references manually or use one of the databases in your subject area to locate the reference and then import it into EndNote. 

For more information on using EndNote, please go to

How can I access EndNote Online?

EndNote Online is available to all staff and students at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. You need to sign up your EndNote Online account within EndNote.

For more information about using EndNote Online, have a look at its official online help page.

You will need to install the plug in to use EndNote Online with Word.For more information about using EndNote Web plugin, please go to

The references in my bibliography are not appearing how I would like them to. What can I do? 

You need to change the output style to reflect the way in which you'd like your references to appear.  EndNote has a number of different output styles, many of which are for individual journal titles plus some standards styles such as Harvard, Numeric, and Vancouver.

To change the output style of a bibliography within Word, select Tools >Endnote >Format Bibliography.  Click on “Browse” to see the output styles available.

Is there a University referencing style?

No.  Contact your School for more information on the referencing style you should be using.

I'd like to insert a figure/image into my document which is associated with a particular reference. Can I do this?

Yes. To insert a Figure into a Reference in your EndNote library:

  1. Select References from the top menu >Figure >Attach Figure. A figure can be a picture, a Word or Excel table, or an Excel chart.
  2. Or use the reference editing frame. Go to the Figure field. Right-click >Figure >Attach Figure.

I'm using an author-date style of referencing and I'd like to remove the authors from within the brackets. How do I do this?

Sometimes you may want to exclude an author from an in text citation, so for example when you insert a reference it might usually say:

"Theory XYZ demonstrates this ... (Smith, 2002)"

However, you wish to write this in a different format, e.g.

"Smith (2002) describes Theory XYZ which demonstrates this...".

To amend your text in this way you need to edit the individual in-text citation.  From within Word, highlight the reference you wish to change, go to Tools>Endnote>Edit Citation.  Tick the box which says "exclude author" and then OK.

The EndNote toolbar in Word doesn’t work when I click on Insert Citation; it just doesn't do anything. Why is this so?

While using the Direct Export option from within a bibliographic database, why I'm being prompted to choose a filter?

Check that your copy of EndNote is pointing the correct file location for the import filters.

Go to Edit >Preferences >Folder Location.  Check that the files are pointing to the import filters for the version of EndNote that you are using.

How do I import references from Google Scholar using EndNote Web?

This differs from EndNote. See 'EndNote online: Importing References from Google Scholar' for more information.

I'm unable to use the Find Citation command to link to EndNote Web. Why am I kept being asked for my username and password?

  1. Close down all the Browser windows where you are logged into EndNote Web
  2. Delete all temporary internet files and cookies
  3. Open EndNote Web again at
  4. Try Word again and Find Citation

How do I import references to EndNote Web from PsycArticles?

  1. Select your references in PsycArticles by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side
  2. At the bottom of the page, choose Export
  3. Choose Reference Software and then click on Go
  4. You will be asked to Save a file (it will have the file extension ris)
  5. You can now import this file into EndNote Web. Go to the Collect tab, choose import references
  6. Browse to locate the file you have saved
  7. Choose the Import Filter "RefMan RIS"
  8. Select where you want to save to and then click on Import

How do I register for an EndNote Web account from home?

In order to use EndNote Web at home, you must first register and login using any computer on campus with the EndNote program.

Once registered, you can log in from anywhere in the world, but the initial sign-up must be done from a computer on campus with the EndNote program.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a free Basic EndNote Web account by going to and click on the ‘Register’ button. You can also register using your existing Facebook account or LinkedIn account.

However, this free Basic EndNote Web account does not synchronise with the EndNote Desktop account. It has less functionality than the desktop product, but it's free and web-based, so you can access your records from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I change the order of multiple in-text citations?

You may wish to change the order of authors listed within an in-text citation.


(Author B, 2007; Author A, 2006; Author C, 2002)

change to:

(Author A, 2006; Author B, 2007; Author C, 2002)

You can change the author order using the Edit Citation feature within Word.

Highlight the references you wish to amend and click on Edit Citation.

A screen will be displayed with the citations listed on the left hand side according to author. On the right-hand side of the screen there are small arrow buttons which can be used to move citations up and down and so change their order.

How can I list all my authors in full within the in text citation?

You'll need to amend the output style.  When amending output styles it is usually a good idea to save a copy rather than overwriting the original output style.

  1. Go to Edit
  2. Output styles
  3. Choose the Output style to amend
  4. Choose Save as
  5. Give the style a name e.g. Harvard amended
  6. Go to Citations
  7. Choose Author lists from the Citations section
  8. In the first appearance you can choose to list all authors, or however many you want and then followed
    by et al.
  9. In subsequent appearances, you can choose then whether you still want all authors listed for subsequent appearances.
  10. Close the edit screen.

How do I convert records in capital letters into normal sentence structure?

You can do this by amending your output style:

1.     Choose Edit
2.     Output Style
3.     Edit the relevant Output style
4.     Click on the Title Capitalization in the Bibliography section
5.     Choose "Sentence style capitalization"

Close the Output style edit screen



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