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How do I find an eBook?

All eBooks are in the NUsearch and are linked to your reading list, if available.

Does it matter which internet browser I use?

It shouldn’t for most, but if you have problems, try another Internet browser if you are able.

Can I read an eBook on a Mac?

Yes, you should be able to.

Can I read an eBook if someone else is reading it at the same time?

Generally, yes. However, some eBooks have restrictions on the number of simultaneous users. If so, you will be prompted to try again later.

Can I print, copy and paste from eBooks? Sometimes I am having problems printing from an eBook.

Yes, you can. However, like physical books, library eBooks are protected by copyright law, and for many eBooks this is controlled automatically by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.

The number of pages you can download, copy or print varies from one publisher and title to another. This information is usually displayed when you use any eBook.

If you have problems printing from an eBook, it would be mostly because of restrictions from publisher due to copyright law.

What software do I need to download?

For most library eBooks you will need Digital Rights Management software such as Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Most of the interfaces will offer you a link to install ADE if you do not already have this. You can also find it on the Adobe website.

Do I have to be online to read my eBook once downloaded?

No, you should be able to read the eBook offline once downloaded. When the download period has expired (which is controlled automatically), you will have to go online to download it again if you want to continue using it.

Can I keep my eBooks for forever?

University subscribed eBooks are in most cases like printed library books – available for you to use for a limited period but not yours to own.

What do I do if an eBook doesn’t work, or if I can’t access it from NUsearch?

For assistance, contact our staff at Reference Desk (Mondays to Fridays, from 11am to 5pm) or email us at

Is there a charge if I return an eBook late?

No. It is not possible to have an 'overdue' eBook if you have downloaded it, since the Digital Rights Management software will automatically control the loan length.

Do I need a password to access an eBook off campus?

Unless you have downloaded an eBook to your own device, you will always have to identify yourself as a University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus user when accessing electronic resources from off-campus.

If you are not automatically prompted for your University login, look for the Institutional/Shibboleth login option to reach the correct sign-in page for University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.






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