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Disruptive Behaviour Policy

The Library and the Learning Hubs in UNM strive to maintain a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for all users. Users are expected to maintain behaviour that consistently respect the rights of other users to study, conduct research and engage in collaborative work within the Library and Learning Hubs.

Definition of Disruption Behaviour

Any behaviour or condition that disrupts the orderly use of the Library/Learning Hubs, that could constitute harassment, or that affects the staff’s ability to provide service, is prohibited and will be handled by the appropriate enforcement authority in the University.

Examples of Disruptive Behaviour include:

  • Any behaviour that endangers the safety or health of others
  • Vandalism or deliberate destruction of property in the premises
  • Note: Patrons will be financially responsible for or asked to replace any of the property damaged
  • Theft of library materials/equipment or the personal property of other patrons or staff members
  • Deliberate disruption of procedures in the Library/Learning Hubs
  • Use of threatening, intimidating or abusive language
  • Rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour consisting of verbal arguments and confrontations
  • Noise nuisance that disturbs or could disturb other users
  • Unnecessary hoarding of seats, depriving other users from using the facility
  • Sleeping, smoking, eating or drinking (only bottled water are permitted)
  • Refusing to leave the Library/Learning Hubs when the building is closed
  • Entering or leaving using unauthorized exit doors, except during an emergency
  • Using staff equipment (including telephones, computers, printers, etc.)
  • Environmental damage and littering

Consequences / Cooperation

All users are expected to abide and comply with these policies when using the Library and Learning Hubs.

Library staff members, authorised student advisers and security personnel managing the facilities are empowered with the responsibility to approach disruptive groups and individuals and ask them to discontinue the disruptive behaviour.

Non-compliance: in the first instance of users who fail to comply with the rules when requested, an email will be sent out advising the user(s) to abide with the rules and regulations.

If the user continues to be disruptive, a written warning letter will be sent to the user, copied to the relevant Head of School and the Vice-Provost for Teaching & Learning (who is also Head of the Disciplinary Board) with a view to enforcing disciplinary action when deemed necessary.

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