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The Library

Study Areas

Our library offers a wide variety of study environments from flexible learning spaces for groups to silent areas for individual study and research.

For everyone’s benefit, please be aware of and respect the behaviour expected in different areas of the library.

Please note that no food and drinks are allowed in the library except for bottled water.

Silent study zone

Level A of the library is a silent study zone which is an area for individual study only. Silence must be maintained at all times.

Quiet study zone

Levels C and D are quiet study zones where library users will be able to pursue quiet, individual study and low-level conversation.

Group study zone

Level B is where group study and discussions are allowed. Level B is also the location of the circulation desk and a learning hub.

Regardless of which level you are on, mobile phones must be set to either silent or vibration mode. If you need to talk on your phone, please leave the study zone first, so that you do not disturb other people. Please have your phone conversations at the phone zones (lift foyers) found on each level of the library.

Also, when you leave the library, please clear your rubbish away into a bin so that someone else can use the space.



The Library

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