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Vice Chancellor's Global Graduate Prize

This prize, supported by the Vice–Chancellor, recognises an individual student for their global graduate attributes and is open to students on all three campuses - UK, China and Malaysia. 

Why does the Vice–Chancellor sponsor this prize? 

By the time you graduate, we hope that our academic and extracurricular opportunities will have allowed you to grow professionally, to develop as a person and to formulate exciting plans for the future. Everyone’s journey is different and we’re proud of how our students mature and broaden their horizons. 

You will leave us not just with an internationally–recognised degree but with a critical way of thinking and the ability to work independently. Although you might not have all the answers, you’ll have the skills and aptitude to tackle any questions - qualities that will help you succeed in whatever you choose to do.

What are we looking for in your application?

We are looking for evidence that you can demonstrate a range of ‘Global Graduate Attributes’, that not only reflect your education at Nottingham, but will prepare you effectively for the globalised world of work and for continuous personal and professional development.

Your application should include evidence that you can demonstrate any of the following attributes: 

  • The acquisition of a broader international perspective.
  • A good understanding of a diverse and global society.
  • Communication with others across cultures.
  • Developing cross–cultural and intercultural awareness through a range of activities.
  • An understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.
Have a look at the 2013 winner to get inspiration for your application. Christal Seebaran, 3rd year BioMedical student from the UK Campus.

Am I eligible to apply?

Download a pdf of the prize terms and conditions

This prize is available to students at all campuses at the University in the UK, China and Malaysia. Only one winner will be chosen. 

Interviews will be held Monday, 5 or 12 March 2018, please ensure your are free on that date before applying. Please refer to the key dates below.

How do I apply?

  • Applications open: Wedneday, 3 January 2018
  • Deadline for applications: Monday, 19 February 2018 before 10 am (UK time)
  • Video conference interviews will be held: Thursday, 8 March 2018 at 18:00 @ EA53

Download a copy of the application form and submit your application to by 10:00, Monday
19 February 2018

What is the prize? 

The prize for the Global Graduate prize is £300 to be used towards travel. 

The 2016/2017 finalists from the Malaysia Campus


Imran Sajid, Student of Finance, Accounting and Management, Year 3

"UNMC has provided me with vast experiences that have widen my perspectives and taught me to be a global citizen. I am honoured to be shortlisted as one of the representatives from Malaysia campus for the Vice-Chancellor Global Graduate Prize. I hope to inspire others to make the most out of their Nottingham experience, by taking full use of the opportunities provided, such as the study abroad program and a truly diverse student community on campus."  


Nur Shafieza Riwayat, Masters of Mechanical Engineering, MEng

"The multitude of opportunities in UNMC have enabled me to exercise being a global citizen by providing me with the avenue to contribute back to the environment and society. It is truly humbling to be shortlisted for the Vice Chancellor Global Graduate Prize and I am grateful to be able to carry the knowledge I’ve gained beyond my university life. Thank you."

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