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The cost of living in Semenyih is low compared to most cities in Malaysia.

Whilst you are at the University, your spending patterns may vary from your usual spending patterns and it therefore can be difficult to work out how much you are likely to need to spend as a student.

Below is a brief estimate of some of the main expenses. You will, however, need to think about your own spending style in order to make an accurate budget estimate. 

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Cost of living 



University accommodation

RM395 - RM850 per month. Rent varies depending on room type and facilities. Electricity and water bills are included except for air-conditioned rooms.

Private accommodation

RM250 - RM500 per month. Rent varies depending on the area and the distance from the University. This estimate does not include facilities, electricity and water bills.


RM400 - RM500 per month. The amount depends on how expensive your tastes are. Dining in the cafeteria or food court, each meal will cost you no more than RM10.

Study expenses

RM1000 - RM1500 per year. Costs will depend on the subject you are studying. This estimate includes books, photocopying and stationery. Many books can be found in the library or you can buy used books from previous students.

Self-service laundry

  • Washing machine – RM3 per load
  • Dryer – RM3 per load

Travel cost

RM60+ per month. The University provides free shuttle service for students to go around Semenyih and Kajang town. Travel expenses will be incurred when there is an emergency where you need to take a taxi or when you travel out of town by taking public transportation. However, if you own a vehicle such as car or motorcycle, then you need to budget for daily travel expenses (fuel and toll charges).

Social life

How much you spend depends on your interests and how much socialising you do.

Activities which are popular among students:

  • movies ─ RM6 - RM12 per person, gold/platinum seats RM25 - RM40 per person
  • bowling ─ RM4.50 - RM5.50 per game, rental of shoes RM2 - RM3
  • Archery ─ RM16 for 24 arrows (1 or 2 persons), RM36 for 50 arrows (2 or 3 persons), RM65 for 120 arrows (4 persons)
  • Karaoke ─ RM10+ - RM34+ (depends on the sessions, food and beverage provided)
  • Ice-skating ─ RM13 (weekday) / RM18 (Sat & Sun), price includes skates rental
  • Yoga Lessons ─ RM65 - RM80 (4 - 8 lessons per month)


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