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Graham Kendall


The CEO and Provost, Professor Graham Kendall, has overall responsibility for all academic and operational aspects of the Malaysia Campus. In this role he is supported by two Vice Provosts, one with responsibility for Teaching and Learning, one with responsibility for Research and Knowledge Exchange. Professor Kendall is also a Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Nottingham and sits on the Executive Board of the University.

Professor Graham Kendall became CEO & Provost in August 2016, prior to which he was Vice-Provost (Research and Knowledge Exchange); 2011-2016. He has now lived and worked in Malaysia for eight years and has an in-depth knowledge of Trans-National Education.


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He was awarded a BSc (Hons) First Class in Computation from The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK in 1997 and received his PhD from The University of Nottingham (School of Computer Science) in 2000. He is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Before entering academia he spent almost 20 years in the IT industry, working for various companies (including the Co-operative Wholesale Society and Provincial Insurance), undertaking a variety of roles ranging from Computer Operator, Technical Support Manager and Operations Manager.

He has authored over 250 peer reviewed scientific papers, over 100 of these in the most impactful scientific journals. He is an Associate Editor for many international journals and has served as the Editor in Chief for the IEEE Transactions on AI and Computational Intelligence in Games. He chairs the Steering Committee of the Multidisciplinary International Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications in addition to chairing several other international conferences in recent years. He has been a member of the programme/technical committees of many international conferences since 2000.

He has been awarded externally funded grants worth over £5.5M from a variety of sources including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and commercial organisations.He holds positions in several companies which we were formed on the basis of his expertise. He is a director of Aptia Solutions Ltd. which specialises in nesting software; a non-executive director of Event Map Ltd., which specialises in timetabling solutions and he was a director of Nottingham MyRIAD Solutions Sdn Bhd which used to be the commercialisation arm of the University.

Professor Kendall’s research interests lie in Operational Research, Meta- and Hyper-Heuristics, Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Intelligence, with a specific interest in scheduling (particularly sports), timetabling, cutting and packing, rostering and routing and logistics.



The Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of the University of Nottingham’s teaching and learning strategy at the Malaysia Campus. This involves operational leadership in areas ranging from day-to-day classroom activity, curriculum planning and ‘student experience’ issues, to UK and Malaysian quality assurance and professional accreditation processes.

The Vice Provost contributes on behalf of the Malaysia Campus to the University Teaching and Learning Board, and leads on issues of professional development and teaching quality.


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Professor Ong was appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in December 2013, becoming the first Malaysian to assume that position at the University and prior to that she was the Professor of Marketing, in the University’s business school.

Professor Ong has more than 20 year’s experience in academia in the Malaysian higher education sector. She has held positions at both public and private universities, lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students. She has served as Deputy Dean, Research and Development, Faculty of Business and Accountancy in University of Malaya and was also Professor of Marketing and Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.

Professor Ong also has delivered numerous training sessions in the area of marketing for corporations such as APM Automotive Berhad, PROTON Holdings and Tenaga Nasional Berhad. She has also undertaken consultancy projects commissioned by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

Professor Ong is the secretary of one of the clusters of the National Special Projects under the National Council of Professors in Malaysia, under its private education institution arm since May this year. In addition, she is also a Trustee of i-RESOLVE Foundation, member of Asia Pacific Forum on Families (Malaysia), a foundation dedicated to research.

Ong Fon Sim





Deborah Hall

Deborah 216x268

The Vice-Provost for Research and Knowledge Exchange is responsible for the strategic direction of the campus for Research and for Knowledge Exchange activities. This includes facilitating links with Nottingham campuses in the UK and China, and across the ASEAN region.

The Vice Provost chairs the University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee and also sits on various groups based in the UK including the Senate and the Research and Knowledge Exchange Executive.

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Deborah Hall is Professor of Hearing Sciences at the University of Nottingham UK and Vice-Provost for Research and Knowledge Exchange at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. 

In her Malaysia role, she is responsible for the strategic direction for Research and Knowledge Exchange for the campus. This includes facilitating links with Nottingham campuses in the UK and China, and across the ASEAN region. 

In the UK, she is research lead within the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre  Her primary research goals are to develop a good evidence base for selecting outcome instruments for assessing treatment-related change for complex multi-dimensional conditions including hearing loss and tinnitus. Additional interests include clinical trials and systematic reviews to support evidence-based medicine, and functional magnetic resonance imaging to better understand the mechanisms of tinnitus and sensorineural plasticity after hearing loss. Deborah is also an NIHR Senior Investigator.




Professor Andy Chan is the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He was previously the Dean of Engineering. As the Faculty Dean, Professor Chan heads the University’s Schools of Biosciences, Computer Science, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Pharmacy, Psychology and the Foundation in Science, Departments of Civil Engineering; Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Foundation in Engineering. He oversees all research, teaching, external and operation matters of the faculty. 

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Professor Chan’s area of expertise is on air pollution and computational fluid dynamics, especially towards urban climates.  During the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) episode, he was one of the team leaders appointed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to discover the dispersion of mechanisms of the SARS virus in the dense cityscapes of Hong Kong.  He is currently the leader of the multinational 7SEAS-NASA project (Seven South-east Asian Studies-National Aeronautics and Space Administration), which studies the propagation of haze in Southeast Asia.  He is currently also serving as the government expert consultant on the development of urban planning guidelines against air pollution and extreme weather conditions. 

He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) from the University of Hong Kong in 1997 and 1993 respectively.  He is currently a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES) and a member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  He joined the University in 2006 and has served as the Head of Department of Civil Engineering from 2009 to 2013, Associate Dean (Research and Knowledge Transfer) from 2013 to 2016 and took up the deanship in September 2016.

Aside from his specialisation in air pollution, he is a world-known expert on recycled carbon fibres and its applications.  He has studied recycled carbon fibres, its properties and applications for more than 15 years.  He has successfully commercialised various products, like heated garments, energy harvesters and delivery systems derived from carbon fibres, which have attracted lots of interest from the industries and the media.  He holds various positions in these companies in his areas of expertise.


Andy Chan

Andy Chan



Jason Pandya-Wood 

Jason Pandya-Wood 216x268

Dr Jason Pandya-Wood joined the University of Nottingham Malaysia as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in June 2020. He is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of six schools (Business, Economics, Education, English, Media, Languages & Cultures, Politics, History & International Relations), one division (Organisational & Applied Psychology), one centre (English Language and Foundation Education) and one department (General Studies). 

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Jason’s starting point is an unwavering belief that universities must be significant and active civic partners in addressing the most pressing economic, social, political, technological and moral challenges of our time. Universities should therefore be of and not just in their communities and industries, and at the very heart of policy debate.

Prior to his appointment, Jason was most recently Director of External Engagement and Strategic Partnerships at Nottingham Trent University. He led the School’s strategy for engagement with local, national and international partners, including an extensive focus on work with Malaysian partners.

Jason’s research interests are in the broad discipline of social policy, with a particular interest in applied social policy research and evaluation, and impactful and participatory research projects that link theory, policy and practice. Jason’s research and consultancy work has involved collaboration with, and funding from, a diverse range of bodies including: the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, UK Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Department of Education, NESTA, British Museum and the Cabinet Office. 

Prior to entering academic life, Jason’s professional background was in youth and community work, helping young people to make successful transitions to adulthood and improving the life chances of people living in some of the most disadvantaged communities.

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The Registrar of the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), Patrick Joseph, is a member of Management Board and is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of the University of Nottingham’s student administrative and support services at the Malaysia Campus. This involves the delivery of professional services, policy making and management of the student journey from admissions to alumni relations.

His responsibilities include the student services strategy and operations at the Malaysia Campus. In particular, he has leadership and management responsibilities at the Admissions Office, Student Registry Office, Sponsorship Office, Student Association Office, Career Advisory Services, Sports Complex, Wellbeing & Learning Support, Alumni & Donor Relations, as well as the Hall Wardens and Tutors.

The Director of Academic Services also has responsibility for the overall student experience, widening participation and community engagement at the Malaysia Campus.

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Patrick is currently the Project Transform Sponsor for the University of Nottingham Malaysia and has been responsible for the implementation of Campus Solutions and MyNottingham. This is part of the global implementation of a student management system across the University. He manages the the University Project Transform Team and represents the University at the Programme Board, Quality Board and Cutover Management Board that oversee this global implementation.

Patrick was one of the first to join the Malaysia Campus when it began operations in 2000. Having started in student recruitment, he then went on to establish the various departments and administrative services such as facilities management, the exams and timetabling office, and the student registry office as part of the growth of the campus. He was appointed Director of Academic Services in 2012.

He was awarded the Lord Dearing Award for Teaching and Learning in recognition of his contributions in providing the administrative and support services in enhancing the learning experience of students at the University in 2015.

Patrick chairs the Hardship Fund Panel, the MAD Money Panel, Academic Services Group and co-chairs the Staff Experience Committee. He also sits on a number of other committees including IT Portfolio Board, Campus Teaching Committee and Space Management Committee

Patrick Joseph




Nicholas Ching


The Director of Campus Services, Nicholas Ching is focused on providing an outstanding parkland campus with excellent facilities – both physical and digital - to support a conducive, safe and vibrant university life experience.

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Digital excellence was enhanced when the University of Nottingham Malaysia upgraded its Student Network Services with a 700Mbps Dedicated Internet Access gateway, which supports the latest 802.11ac WiFi standards. New IT infrastructure projects should further equip the University with best in class facilities for learning and web connectivity. Learning spaces and physical facilities were improved in 2016 through the completion of eleven projects worth about RM2 million, while another RM2.2 million was spent on refurbishing campus accommodation.

Environment and Sustainability initiatives included the planting of 220 trees among the aging oil palm as part of a university tree-planting programme a.k.a. reforestation. The flowering creepers at the Balau (a local hardwood) Pergola Amphitheatre is flourishing while the “24Gardens” beautification project is ongoing. Efforts to rehabilitate the pond area behind the library has successfully resulted in a conducive shaded area complete with Balau gazebos, a fountain, and a pond with its own thriving ecosystem complete with plant life, ducks, fishes and prawns. Our food waste separation initiative had progressed further with the establishment of a Composting Station, which should produce our first ton of organic fertiliser by April 2017.

Energy savings through zero and low cost initiatives are producing results and the University is on track to reduce over 10% of our electricity bill for 2017. This 2020 strategic goal is helped by regular monitoring of energy usage, gradual replacement of more LED light fittings, de-lamping, and the installation of solar panels around the campus, and soon, solar panelled glass roofing over the amphitheatre stage.

Prior to joining the Univeristy, in April 2015, Ching was the Chief Operating Officer at Curtin University Malaysia located in Sarawak. He enjoys nature, and is currently the Club Secretary and soon-to-be Club President of the Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North from July 2017. 




Director of Human Resource Lizda Rahman believes that HR provides leadership and guidance in ensuring the University acquires quality staff globally and locally; continues to motivate and retain highly talented staff; and develops staff capability through various staff development programmes. This is crucial as a business partner to support the University's Strategic Roadmap, especially in order to sustain excellence.

Armed with a BA Arts in Social Science from University Malaya, and a decade of various roles at one of the nation’s major telcos, she joined the University of Nottingham on 25 August 2005 where she held various roles in marketing, strategic planning, corporate affairs, and international business ventures before settling in Human Resource as Assistant Human Resource Manager. In 2009, she was promoted to Human Resource Manager and attained her current position as Director of Human Resource in 2013.


Lizdawati Abdul Rahman




Noorulhadi Mohamed






Noorulhadi Mohamed is the Director of Financial and Business Services for the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Hadi has worked for Boustead for about 20 years and has vast knowledge and experience both in the University and within the Group. He assumed the responsibility for the financial, legal, procurement and risk management portfolios for the University on 1 January 2019.

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Having served for the Boustead Group and the University for almost 20 years now, he comes with knowledge and vast experience that is an asset to the University.

His key successes include the Groupwide Finance & Payroll System implementation; Finance & GST, Supply Chain Enterprise system rollout, including Supply Chain ERP system and Enterprise Human Capital, Payroll System rollout and e-Leave workflow.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Lancaster University, UK.

Hadi’s passion for sports led him to become the Vice President of the Boustead Sports Club. He is also ardent on voluntary services and has been ensuring proper management of funds for a timeshare company. He was previously part of the Support Group Bureau and Communication Bureau of Parents-Teachers Association and he was part of the fund raising committee to build a community school for children.





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