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Viva announcement - Mike James Mustafa

The school is pleased to announce that Mike James Mustafa has passed his PhD viva voce examination held on 7 April 2020. 

His thesis, “Putting the Individual Back into the Corporate Entrepreneurial Process: Studies in the Determinants and Consequences of Employee Entrepreneurial Behaviour”, was supervised by Dr Fiona Gavin from the Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UK Campus and Dr Maniam Kaliannan.  

Mike Mustafa

The Internal Examiner was Dr Siti Khadijah Zainal Badri from Division of Organisational and Applied Psychology (DOAP), the External Examiner was Professor Sarah Robinson from University of Glasgow and the Chair was Dr Risky Harisa Haslan.  

Our congratulations to Mike on his achievement! 

Posted on 8th April 2020

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