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Research is one of the defining activities of the Division of Applied Psychology. There is a close and mutually beneficial relationship between the division's research and postgraduate teaching as each contributes to the other.

Our research is in applied psychology and grounded in real world issues. This research contributes directly or indirectly to the promotion of 'healthy people, healthy organisations and healthy communities'.

Research clusters

The division's teaching and research activities are managed through three clusters outlined below:


The Occupational Health and Well-being Cluster is concerned with contemporary issues in occupational health and well-being with emphasis on cross-cultural contexts.  Areas of interest include . . . more

  • work-related violence and occupational stress
  • impact of environmental design on health and well-being
  • health and safety cultures
  • HR best practise in healthcare
  • reproductive health and public health services
  • resiliency and work-life balance
  • burnout and work engagement
The Learning and Development Cluster is concerned with individual and organisational level processes and issues that impact people’s growth in organisational and communities. Areas of interest include . . .


  • career decision-making
  • emotional intelligence
  • performance management
The Culture and Social Cognition in Organisations Cluster is concerned with the impact of culture and group level processes on work and organisational outcomes.  Areas of interest include . . . more

  • organisational culture and positive work outcomes
  • research culture and productivity
  • multi-cultural contexts and work outcomes
  • social identity perspectives in organisations
  • cross-cultural management
  • individual and organisational values
  • cross cultural adaptation

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Division of Organisational and Applied Psychology

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