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Nottingham graduates are widely regarded as being well-trained and of high quality, and are in an excellent position to obtain rewarding, interesting, and well-paying jobs.

With the combination of specialist optional topics offered in years two and three as well as the final year research project, students are encouraged to develop their own individual areas of interest that will allow them to pursue their career of choice.

Follow the links below to learn more about the job opportunities associated with each of the four undergraduate degrees offered by the School of Biosciences.

You may also be interested in our alumni career profiles from the School of Geography.


Biotechnology careers

In recent years our Biotechnology graduates have found opportunities in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Research workers in industrial and government research organisations
  • Advisors in management, sales and marketing
  • Teachers and lecturers in schools and higher learning institutions
  • Financial and business consultants

Many graduates have chosen to continue their studies and undertake further research training to MSc, MPhil or PhD level at The University of Nottingham or elsewhere.

Plant Biotechnology careers

A degree in Plant Biotechnology prepares students for challenging and well paid careers as research scientists or biotechnologists in private, university or government laboratories and in teaching. Applications may involve:

  • agriculture
  • horticulture
  • food and food-processing
  • forest products
  • marine applications
  • phytoremediation
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical and non-food uses of plants and industrial crops

In addition, many students choose to continue their education in a graduate programme in molecular biology, plant sciences or a related field in agriculture, food science or medicine. Graduates may also choose to develop careers in areas as varied as scientific writing, marketing or education. Graduates from the School of Biosciences are to be found in senior positions throughout the world in all areas of the biological sciences.

Nutrition careers

A degree in Nutrition can lead to a number of career choices. Graduates have gone on to practise nutrition through a variety of means, including:

  • food industry
  • specialist nutritional supplement companies
  • public health nutrition
  • education
  • journalism

The science base of this degree serves as an excellent springboard for higher degrees including taught postgraduate programmes and research degrees such as MPhil and PhD.

Environmental Science careers

Environmental Science graduates are working in environmentally related fields all over the world! Graduates find they have the skills and confidence to equip them for employment in:

  • environmental consultancies
  • local authorities
  • government agencies and industry

Many graduates go on to undertake research degrees in environmentally-related areas.  To learn more check out our career profiles in the School of Geography.

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