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Academic Staff

Dr Pradip Kumar


Dr Pradip Kumar has an MA in English and American literature with a PhD awarded in 2002 on “Designing a Remedial Course for the Learners of English at the +2 level in Orissa, India” focusing on materials and methods in ELT. Though he specializes in creative and communicative teaching in ELT, he has been lately publishing on interdisciplinary fields in tertiary education.  He has 33 years of teaching experience in Indian and Malaysian universities with service excellence awards from Malaysian Universities. Currently, he is an associate professor at the Centre for Academic Partnerships and Engagement (CAPE), in the University of Nottingham, Malaysia (UNM).




Dr Fatimah Thambi 


Dr Fatimah Binti Tambi is an assistant professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. She was born in a very remote district in Sarawak, Malaysia on 20 February 1960. As the lecturer in Centre for Academic Partnerships and Engagement (CAPE), she holds a PhD in Special Education from the National University of Malaysia (UKM). She graduated from the National University of Malaysia in 2009. Before joining UNM, she has 34 years of working experiences as a secondary school teacher in several schools in Sarawak as well as in Selangor, a lecturer in two IPGs (Teacher Training Institute), and also as the Assistant Director in Teacher Education Division, Ministry of Education at Putrajaya. Besides that, one of her most significant contributions is helping the Ministry of Education in several programs, such as researcher for national and international studies implemented by the Ministry, for example, TALIS (Teaching and Learning International Study) under OECD, a panel member of Special Education NKRA Laboratory. One of the critical components identified under The National Key Results Areas (NKRAs), for the Government Transformation Programme was to improve the students’ outcomes in education in secondary and primary schools in Malaysia. She also a member of the pilot team of developing SIP and SISC, which continue now as SIP+ and SISC+ to assist the school leaders and teachers countrywide to improve the school quality.



Dr Adrian Jarvis


Dr Adrian Jarvis is an assistant professor with the Centre for Academic Partnerships and Engagement (CAPE), based at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University before embarking on a lengthy career in secondary education during which he held various academic leadership positions. His post-graduate research took him to the University of Birmingham, UK, from which he gained a PhD in Educational Leadership. His publications include literary works, as well as several articles in peer-reviewed journals. He has delivered conference papers and both contributed to, and led, seminars and workshops in a range of environments. He was a writer for Malaysia’s National Science Technology and Innovation Masterplan (STIMP) 2020 – 2030. Among his duties as Deputy Director of CAPE is the generation and leadership of professional development training opportunities. 



Dr Shamsiah Banu


Dr Shamsiah Banu Hanefar is a passionate educator with 17 years of working experience in the field of adolescents and education, business management, human resource management, microeconomics, personal and professional development @ educational institutions and with NGOs. She is an Assistant Professor in The Centre for Academic Partnership and Engagement (CAPE) at The University of Nottingham, Malaysia. Currently, she is responsible for related academic matters together with two other colleagues in CAPE.  She is a HRDF certified trainer since 2009, experienced as an external examiner, article reviewer, program coordinator, faculty’s teaching and learning chairperson, and modules developer (undergraduate and master levels). She is also highly experienced in working with blended and online programs (local and international). She has published and presented research papers at International and local journals/ conferences. Her highest achievement in the publication is her article titled, “A Synthesis of Spiritual Intelligence Themes from Islamic and Western Philosophical Perspectives”, published in Journal of Religion and Health. Springer Science. (Thomson Reuters - Q1). Currently, she is involved in international research affiliation with researchers from Turkey and Malaysia, researching on spiritual (adapting the model that she developed during her PhD study) and tourism.



Dr R. Moganadass Ramalingam


Dr Moganadass Ramalingam is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Academic Partnership and Engagement (CAPE) at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Industrial Computing) from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and MSc (IT) from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). He has completed his PhD in Education (Curriculum Development). He has 16 years of experience in teaching students from diploma to postgraduate levels in Malaysia. He has held various administrative roles such as Director of Academic, VP - Academic and Operations and Chief Executive at private higher education institutions in Malaysia. He also has professional experience in the IT industry, covering the full range from application developer to project manager. His research interests include mobile learning, personalised m-learning, learning technology and instructional design.  



Dr Suria Angit


Dr Suria Selasih Angit is an assistant professor at the Centre for Academic Partnership and Engagement, University of Nottingham Malaysia. She completed her PhD in Education at The University of Melbourne, Australia, sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development Malaysia. Her academic interests include Indigenous research methodologies, education for Indigenous communities, language and symbolic power, multicultural education and English language teaching. Before she undertook her doctoral studies, Suria completed a Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at The University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at The National University of Malaysia. Suria began her career with the Ministry of Education Malaysia as an English language teacher in a public secondary school. Since then, she has engaged in various teaching and curriculum development projects in secondary and tertiary levels involving high profile participants in both Malaysia and Australia. At University of Nottingham Malaysia, she is actively involved in a World Bank Project that aims to improve teaching and learning in the Bangladesh college sector. As a member of the indigenous Orang Asli Temiar community, Suria is passionate about making education more inclusive and culturally responsive for indigenous students, particularly those from Orang Asli backgrounds. She hopes that her Orang Asli Student Icon Award will help her to be an inspiration to Orang Asli students to unleash their potential and shine in all arenas, without feeling the need to compromise their indigenous identities.



Simranjeet Kaur Judge



Simranjeet Kaur Judge is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Academic Partnerships & Engagement (CAPE), University of Nottingham Malaysia. She holds a BSc in Biology Education and Master in Chemistry Education from the University of Technology, Malaysia. She obtained her PhD in Science Education from the National University of Malaysia. She has 12 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Malaysia. She held various roles such as programme director for a postgraduate programme, module coordinator and trainer. Her research interest includes problem-based learning with ICT, technology enhanced learning and professionalism.




Administrative Staff

Ms Tasnim Arif


Ms Tasnim Arif holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (Honours) (Banking and Finance) from Multimedia University, Malaysia. She has nine years of experience in administrations, finances and project management. She has managed projects, jointly planned and implemented seven projects, located in Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia. She has served as a project manager for 2 ASEAN projects, 1 located in Malaysia and the other in the Philippines. She also performs administrative and secretarial duties when dealing with programmes’ partners, stakeholders, suppliers and volunteers. Her strengths are in planning and managing projects related to financing, forecasting, coordinating and project operations within budget. She is passionate about training and knowledge-sharing for all, as well as advocating awareness-raising initiatives within communities. 



Ms Sabariah Amin


Ms Sabariah Amin worked within the education industry for 15 years in the administration field. She has worked with Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar and the University of Nottingham Malaysia in Faculty of Science. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics and Business from the University of Malaysia, Sarawak. Currently, she is an Executive at the Centre for Academic Partnerships and Engagement (CAPE), Nottingham University Malaysia. She has excellent interpersonal skills with people from different backgrounds and personalities and can perform duties with minimum supervision. She has an energetic, cheerful and self-motivated personality. Always active with the work, to gain experiences and as a basis for growth into a higher level of responsibilities and towards achieving the objective of the organization.


Mr How Wei Ping

 Wei Ping

Mr How Wei Ping holds a Mechatronics Engineering degree as well as a BA Education (TESOL) degree from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He possesses a keen interest in the teaching and learning of English language for young-adult/adult learners as well as academic developments in tertiary education sectors. He has served as a research assistant for a LINUS training programme and the Bangladesh College Education Development Project. Outside of professional work, he is passionate about literature, creative writing and graphic design. He can be contacted via



Ms Sharlin Sivaprakhash


Ms Sharlin Sivaprakhash is an administrative assistant at the Centre of Academic Partnerships and Engagement at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Presently, she provides tailored support to both academics and non-academic staff working on the Bangladesh College Education Development Project, which is a World Bank funded Project. Sharlin has completed higher secondary education and seeks to expand her present role and responsibilities at the university through her diverse expertise and capabilities. She is energetic, enthusiastic and a keen team player with strong leadership and interpersonal skills that enable her to be adaptable in different working environments. She has attended a couple of soft skills training programmes and looking forward to career advancement opportunities and further studies. In addition to her professional skills, her participation in public speaking during her secondary education has fueled her interest in reading, writing and professional public speaking.



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