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English Winter Programme with Dong Eui Institute of Technology

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20 students from Dong Eui Institute of Technology, South Korea were selected to participate in a 4-week English Winter Programme at University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) in Semenyih. The students, who are all from varying undergraduate degrees were accompanied by Mr. Antonio Jung, the Programme Manager from Dong-Eui Insitute of Technology.

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The main aim of the programme was to enhance the participants’ oral communication and study skills with a focus on the improvement of discussion and listening strategies, academic presentation techniques and inter-cultural communicative competence, among others. Each week was designed to establish a conducive learning environment while building upon the knowledge of the participants. For example, the programme began its first week with team building exercises and grammar revisions. This is to ensure the formation of a supportive network of motivated and engage learners who wish to have higher proficiency in the English Language.

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Then, the 2nd week continued with improving professional skills and attitudes during conventional, formal and informal interactions while understanding common expectations from any hiring company. This would include learning about the qualities of being a preferred candidate at a workplace, to write a winning resume and cover letter and the ethics of a receiving a corporate phone call.

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The following week focused on discussion and presentation techniques, which would include signaling phrases, vocal intonation and non-verbal gestures. Additionally throughout the weeks, there was significant emphasis in employing leadership, team communication, creativity and critical thinking in each classroom lesson or activity. The final week involved several assessments and exams for all the skills and knowledge the participants such as listening, discussing, presenting and others. This is to ensure the high quality of education provided by UNM.

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The participants had the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle and culture of few regions in Malaysia with several trips around Semenyih town, the city of Kuala Lumpur and a visit to the historic state of Malacca. This includes culinary adventures, sight-seeing escapades, shopping trips to famous malls and markets and other exciting activities. Through this, the participants expressed that they gained deeper insights and perspectives into some aspects of Malaysian life such as food, sports, art and music.

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In sum, the participants stated that they were delighted for the opportunity to experience the daily life of a student at a British university setting in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Feedback from participants showed that the programme was well received by the participants as they had cited the excellent quality of teaching and learning, state-of-art campus facilities, warm reception, and the mentoring sessions provided by UNM students as key elements that had contributed to their overall positive experience during the 4-week programme.

Prepared by
Ahmad Danial bin A. Ghafar 
Academic Mentor English Winter Programme 2019
Undergraduate (School of Education)  

Edited by
Ms Chin Li Yeun
Director of English Language Education
Centre for English Language & Foundation Education (CELFE)

Posted on 25th February 2019

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