University of Nottingham Malaysia
Centre for English Language and Foundation Education
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Head of Department
Naidu, Sivabala+6 (03) 8924 8272Director, Centre for English Language and Foundation EducationEnvelope Icon
Associate Professors
Gan, Wendy Siew Wei+6 (03) 8924 8271Associate Professor ; Senior Tutor, Business FoundationEnvelope Icon
Assistant Professors
Tiong, Kung Ming+6 (03) 8924 8278Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Yarn Pooi, Dorcas Lamn/aEnvelope Icon
University Teaching Fellow
Abdul Rahman, Saleha+6 (03) 8924 8195Associate Director for Teaching and Learning, Admissions TutorEnvelope Icon
Chin, Li Yeun+6 (03) 8924 8692Associate Director of English Language Education (ELE)Envelope Icon
Kazem, Farzana+6 (03) 8924 8196University Teaching Fellow, Library Liaison OfficerEnvelope Icon
Krishna, Salomy Sumithra+6 (03) 8924 8194University Teaching Fellow, Senior Tutor, In-sessional English CoordinatorEnvelope Icon
Lim, Jeanette+6 (03) 8924 8282University Teaching Fellow; Marketing & Branding OfficerEnvelope Icon
Mohd Yusof, Yuhana+6 (03) 8924 8192Disability Liaison OfficerEnvelope Icon
Ng, Chee Kean+6 (03) 8924 8267University Teaching Fellow, Timetabling OfficerEnvelope Icon
Ng, Pek Kim+6 (03) 8924 8275University Teaching Fellow; Exams Officer, Disability Liaison OfficerEnvelope Icon
Noor, Natrah+6 (03) 8924 3586Timetabling OfficerEnvelope Icon
Shariff Al-Baiti, Nabila+6 (03) 8725 3580University Teaching Fellow, Exams OfficerEnvelope Icon
Sim, Mandy Siew Chen+6 (03) 8924 8294University Teaching Fellow, Safety and Health CoordinatorEnvelope Icon
Vijayaratnam, Sugunamalar+6 (03) 8924 8260University Teaching Fellow, Programme Director, Foundation in Business and Management, Admission Tutor, Director International Summer SchoolEnvelope Icon

Centre for English Language and Foundation Education

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Darul Ehsan

telephone: +6 (03) 8924 8000
fax: +6 (03) 8924 8012

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