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International English Summer Programme 2019 with CELFE

University of Nottingham Malaysia, in collaboration with Shin Ansan University and Kyung-In Women’s University, proudly presents the English Summer Programme of 2019 organised by Centre for English Language & Foundation Education (CELFE). The participants consisted of 20 students from Shin Ansan University and 5 students from Kyung-In Women’s University. While this year marks the third cohort sent by Shin Ansan University, UNMC happily welcomes the very first group of students from the esteemed Kyung-In Women’s University to our illustrious programme.


Specially designed to enhance students’ English proficiency, the programme encompasses the various skills essential to the English language - with each lesson specifically aimed at encouraging English comprehension, learning and competency. With this goal in mind, skilled lecturers taught lessons such as reading and writing skills as well as the ability to conduct academic discussions and presentations in a formal setting. Alongside these daily lessons, the students were given the liberty to utilise the university’s well-equipped facilities such as the library and the sports complex. Both parties collaborated to ensure that the students would also experience many exciting co-curricular activities like swimming lessons and badminton matches, in order to further enrich their experience here.


While the students thoroughly enjoyed their time on campus, many pleasant memories were likewise made on visits to the iconic capital of Kuala Lumpur and the historic city of Malacca. These were golden opportunities for the students to completely immerse themselves in our Malaysian culture, where they managed to enjoy many sights and delicacies of these local places.


The Korean students engaged daily with the local student population, encouraging the cultures from the two nations to blend in a harmonious nature. Exemplified in the sports festival held before the final week of the programme, the students participated in friendly matches in groups consisting of both Korean and local students. Both cheers and laughter could be heard on this exhilarating night, as the students demonstrated the bonds they had developed over the course of the programme.


As the end of the programme drew near, so did the student’s assessments. Their growth was effectively gauged through multiple forms of examinations to ensure a more wholistic evaluation, with students being challenged in their English oral, listening and writing skills. Having been preparing for their tests since week one, the improvement in their overall English proficiency was significant. Having finished all examinations, the end of the programme became all to real. As tearful goodbyes were exchanged, it became all to evident that treasured friendships and lifelong bonds had been made during the 4-week programme.


Overall, the CELFE English Summer Programme was not only successful in further increasing each student’s aptitude for English, but also in building upon the bridges that were established by cohorts from previous programmes. With a heavy heart, Nottingham says goodbye to yet another batch of successful students. Truly, it was not only an amazing learning experience, but also a heartfelt one.

Penned by,
Joshua Ho Cheng Wei
Academic Mentor
Cohort: English Summer Programme 2018
Cohort: English Summer Programme 2019 

Edited by,

Ms Chin Li Yeun
Director of English Language Education
Centre for English Language & Foundation Education (CELFE)  

Posted on 1st August 2019

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