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Particle: Call for Submission (Issue 2 & 3)

We are pleased to say that work has begun on the second issue of the UNMC School of English/SMLC creative writing magazine Particle - a platform for University of Nottingham literary talents.

  1. Submit to issue 2 (deadline: Monday 7th April)

We have six categories:  

  • Prose fiction – short stories, sketches, a chapter from a novel
  • Poetry – long or short poems
  • Drama – plays, scenes from a play, a monologue
  • Creative non-fiction – work that uses the techniques of fiction, such as characterisation, setting, dialogue, and narration, to write about factual subjects
  • Essays – a short piece of nonfiction on a particular subject or topic
  • Review – reviews of books, stories, poems, theatre production or film

There are no restrictions on subject matter or style. We encourage you to think imaginatively and welcome writing that is experimental and challenging.

You may submit to more than one category, but no more than five poems.

Work may be published anonymously or under a pseudonym if preferred; please indicate if this is the case.

If you’ve never tried creative writing before this is a great opportunity to give it a go!

**All University of Nottingham students may submit**

  •  Please submit in Word format (not PDF)
  • Title and name should be on each page
  • Email address and name you would like to be published under (if different) should be at bottom of work

Please email your submissions by Monday, 7 April 2014.

If you have any questions please email the relevant editor; if you are unsure which category your work belongs to or would like to submit writing that doesn’t seem to fit in any of these categories email Kirsten Harris.

     2. Issue 3, special issue: Diversity/Adversity

Autumn semester 2014 will see a special issue on the theme of ‘Diversity/Adversity’.

It’s not too early to start thinking about contributions! Hope to hear from you soon and happy writing.

The Particle Team

Posted on 21st March 2014

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