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Welcome to Particle 

Particle is a literary and arts magazine under the School of English of University of Nottingham Malaysia. Publishing biannually, you can find our issues exclusively on this page. We aim to provide a platform in amplifying the voice of both emerging and established writers and artists.

Particle offers students the opportunity to gain key experience in assessing, editing, designing, publication and promotion of the magazine. With connections to writers and publishing professionals, Particle offers critical hands-on experience for those pursuing the publishing industry. Our faculty advisor is Dr Shivani Sivagurunathan.

For more information, check out our website here where we open for submissions, notify any upcoming events, and publish a blog that features interviews, essays and more! 


Our Issues



Issue 14: Solace

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During uncertain times, we often look for solace. 

For many, it is found in family, friends or work. For us, we find comfort in our words. 

With this sentiment in mind, this year’s Spring issue of Particle was created. With this iteration, we aim to relieve you of the fear, worry, concerns and sadness synonymous with this unprecedented period of our l ives. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in these words, and find your solace in between the lines. Give yourself a break from the craziness of theworld, even if it is momentary, even if if it only lasts the length of one poem. 

Issue 15: Time Zones

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Issue 15 is dedicated to literary and art pieces that reflect how people are dealing with the shift from the public to the private and how they’re navigating their own time and spaces. What emerged was the longing, love and human connection that people yearn for when living “alone, together” during the pandemic.
Particle Autumn Issue 15
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Issue 16: Flux 

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This past year we have all been plunged into darkness. We have navigated, and continue to navigate a global pandemic and its aftermath. It has impacted us all in different ways, yet many of us have felt the same: isolated, anxious, and beaten in the face of a future in flux.

In this issue, you will find flowers of resilience that have sprouted from embracing that very future. Our beloved readers, we invite you to meander in this garden, sink into the soil and let their sunshine illuminate a path through the darkness.

Issue 17: Matahari 

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In Issue 17 Matahari, you will find intriguing works - works that will cause you to stop and wonder: how? How did they find comfort in the darkness and learn to wait patiently for the vow of a returning sun? How did they have faith in the dark unknown and find a hand to hold in the midst of it all? 

We hope you find love and light within these lines; we hope they provide you with the sunshine you’ve been yearning for. 

Our beloved readers, we hope you become that sunshine.
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