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Video conferencing

Communicate with similar, dedicated video conference systems in real time. 


About video conferencing

Video conferencing suites can be used to host meetings across campuses, for worldwide interviewing, multi-site group work and distance learning.



Booking prerequisites

Before booking a video conferencing call, please consider the following:

Type of call:

  • Two-way i.e. one location to one location
  • Multi-site i.e. one location to numerous locations. Not all suites are capable of multi-site connections so check which type of call you need before booking


Destination details:

  • The IP address of the other unit(s)
  • Location



Booking a call

Steps for booking a video conferencing call:

  1. Select a room with an available video conference unit
  2. Contact the person in charge to book the room


IT Services can provide technical support throughout a video conferencing call, if required. To arrange for support or a system demonstration, please contact the IT Service Desk.



Skype for Business

If a video conferencing suite is not required or unavailable, we strongly recommend all University staff and students use Skype for Business.

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