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New Staff Publications for 2021 Q1

Our staff have had their research published recently, in the first yearly quarter of 2021.

Dr Steve-Stewart Williams was a contributing author on ‘Current fertility status does not predict sociosexual attitudes and desires in normally ovulating women’, published in Evolutionary Psychology. In this article, the researchers examined the claim that women prefer to have casual sex with other partners when they are at peak fertility, and did not find a relationship between the two. View the research article here:

Dr Yvonne Leung contributed to ‘A systematic review of the associations, mediators and moderators of life satisfaction, positive affect and happiness in near-centenarians and centenarians’, which is a review of the current scientific literature on near-centenarians, people aged 95 to 99, and centenarians, people aged 100 and older. This review was published in Aging & Mental Health. The researchers looked at measures of life satisfaction and happiness from 28 studies on these age groups, and found a variation of results. View the research article here:

Posted on 30th March 2021

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