University of Nottingham Malaysia
School of Psychology
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Head of School
Janssen, Steve MJ+6 (03) 8725 3607Head of School (UNM) - School of Psychology, Professor of Psychology, Director of ResearchEnvelope Icon
Hall, Deborah0115 823 2644Professor of Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Associate Professors
De Vries, Marieke+6 (03) 8725 3605Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Keeble, David+6 (03) 8725 3747Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Pasqualotto, Achillen/aAssociate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Price, Jess+6 (03) 8924 8759Associate Professor, Director of Teaching & LearningEnvelope Icon
Stewart Williams, Steve+6 (03) 8924 8725Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Assistant Professors
Estudillo, Alejandro+6 (03) 8725 3608Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Hussain Ismail, Ahamed Miflah+6 (03) 87253604Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Leong, Christine+6 (03) 8725 3609Assistant Professor,Admissions TutorEnvelope Icon
Leung, Yvonne+6 (03) 8924 8138Assistant Professor, Postgraduate CoordinatorEnvelope Icon
Mennie, Neil+6 (03) 8924 8723Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Wong, Hoo Keat+6 (03) 8924 8730Assistant Professor; Mobility CoordinatorEnvelope Icon
Other Academic
Seal, Danieln/aHonorary Assistant Professor & Chartered Clinical PsychologistEnvelope Icon

School of Psychology

University of Nottingham Malaysia
Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Darul Ehsan

telephone: +6 (03) 8924 8000
fax: +6 (03) 8924 8018

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