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Research publications November 2020

In the month of November 2020, the School of Psychology has successfully published two pieces of work in scientific publications.

Dr Alfred Lim, who obtained his postgraduate degree from the University of Nottingham Malaysia and is now a Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in conjunction with Professor Steve Janssen, the current Head of School, and Dr Jason Satel, a former professor in the school, published a joint paper on measuring how inhibition of return occurs over time. Inhibition of return is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a person responds slower to a new stimulus appearing in a location they have seen before, provided that enough time has elapsed between their first notice of the location and the new presentation of the stimulus. Dr Lim's research on this topic began while he pursued his postgraduate degree with the School of Psychology, and Professor Janssen and Dr Satel were key collaborators throughout his academic career. To find out more about the research findings published in Cognitive, Affective & Behavioural Neuroscience, click on this DOI link:

Dr Marieke de Vries, together with several other authors, has contributed a chapter on "Cognitive Training in Children with Neurodevelopmental Conditions" in the book Cognitive Training: An Overview of Features and Applications. The book, which is published by Springer International Publishing, seeks to enhance the understanding and knowledge of practitioners in the field of cognitive training. Dr Marieke has many years of experience working as a psychologist in clinical settings, and spearheads the Autism research group at the School of Psychology. To find out more about this publication, click on this DOI link:


Posted on 30th November 2020

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