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Who we are

The Nottingham Psychological Assesments Library, or NottPAL in short, is a research group that aims to set up a library of assessment tools (e.g., formal and informal tests, survey questionnaires, neurocognitive assessments, etc.) for multilingual usage. Our work focuses on translation, cultural adaptation, validation and test-retest reliability of current tools to better suit the Malaysian (or Asian) context.


Our research

Psychological assessment tools or questionnaires used in Malaysia are often not locally validated and normed. This often raises questions regarding to validity of the data collected and applicability of the interpretation. Although psychological assessment tools or questionnaires are mainly used by psychologists, these tools are not limited to psychological research and have impacts far beyond. Researchers from other disciplines and industries also employ survey questionnaires or cognitive screening tools for measurements of wellbeing, cognitive health, quality of life, social connections, just to name a few.

Our team (with expertise in Neuropsychology, Psycholinguistics, Developmental Psychology, and Biosciences) is taking the lead in translating and validating current tools, which are mostly available in English, to languages used in Malaysia (Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, etc). Our work also includes cultural adaptations of these tools to better suit the Malaysian (or Asian) context, across the life span. These questionnaires, once professionally translated, validated, and checked for reliability, will be made accessible to other researchers and clinicians to use with permission and proper citations.

We invite students or researchers who are interested in psychometric studies to work with us.

Tools/questionnaires currently available

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