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Use our expertise, research, knowledge and inventions to enter new markets, reach new customers and improve your business performance.

Knowledge Exchange Strategy

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Contract Research

Innovation and growth are the pillars to your productivity and profitability. Our sector-leading experts will help future-proof your business.

Contract research allows an organisation to access the expertise of academics to improve its products or services. The company commissions the University to undertake the research on its behalf.


Staff and academics at our University work as consultants for organisations in the public and private sectors. The provide expertise, skills and solutions to a broad range of challenges.

Examples of consultancy types include:

  • Technical and creative expertise and solutions to industrial problems
  • Literature review
  • Providing expert analysis, interpretation and reports
  • Briefing on technical or policy development
  • Serving on professional and government committees and advisory boards
  • Consulting on collaborative and contract research projects
  • Test and analysis work combined with expert interpretation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The world of work is evolving. And that means the skills needed to succeed in this new world are changing, too. We offer various training and bespoke courses, specifically designed to support you and your organisation throughout the learning experience.

Our CPD courses are designed to:

  • enhance your knowledge and skills;
  • keep you up to date with research and industry developments;
  • motivate you through self-development

Services rendered

Access facilities and equipment

From testing laboratories to scientific equipment, our facilities are supported by researchers and skilled technicians who can guide you through testing services and analysis.


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