Your Place to Innovate and Transform Lives

We deliver world-changing research that transforms lives and shapes the future. Our researchers are committed to using their expertise to make a difference, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. 

We undertake research across a wide portfolio of interdisciplinary areas, designed to address some of the major challenges in today’s world. We are proud of our commitment to advancing knowledge and undertaking research that has real-world impact. We are rated 5-Star under the Malaysian Research Assessment (MyRA) system.

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Research and Knowledge Exchange at University of Nottingham Malaysia

Our research addresses the critical challenges of our age.

We undertake the research needed to create a healthier, more sustainable, and resilient future. We address problems that are global in their reach, but we have a focus on finding solutions that improve the lives and livelihoods of people in countries in the ASEAN region.

We work to improve health and wellbeing, create food security, and to find sustainable solutions to the pressing environmental and social challenges faced in today’s world. We apply the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Smart Systems to help create step changes in fields that include medicine, manufacturing, transport, and the conservation of natural ecosystems.

We work to improve the lives of people living in our major cities, as well as communities living in the many remote, rural parts of our region. Our work is interdisciplinary, and we partner with government, industry, business and numerous NGOs to find the lasting solutions we all desire.

Research sits at the heart of what we do as a university. Our Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy is designed to create a supporting framework that enables our researchers to deliver the scientifically leading and impactful research needed in a rapidly changing world. The strategy nurtures and supports talented researchers and promotes ambition, innovation and partnership.