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Name  ORCID  School / Department  Research fields 
Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz  0000-0002-4657-4216  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Ecology and conservation of Asian megafuna
  • Human-wildlife conflicts
  • Seed dispersal
  • Conservation governance
  • Capacity building in conservation
  • Biodiversity conservation, tropical conservation ecology
  • Megafauna, ecological function
Alex Lechner  0000-0003-2050-9480  Environmental and Geographical Sciences  
  • Belt and road initative
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • GIS
  • Landscape ecology
  • Mining
  • Remote sensing
  • Socio-environmental modelling
  • Spatial planning
  • Sustainable cities 
Chris Gibbins  0000-0001-8700-9419  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Conservation of aquatic ecosystems
  • Sustainable water management
  • Integrated catchment management
  • Environmnental flows for dammed rivers
  • River restoration 
Ee Phin Wong  0000-0003-3931-1175  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Wildlife behaviour and biology
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Elephants, human-elephant conflict
  • Impact of roads on wildlife
  • Policy and advocacy 
Lawal Billa  0000-0002-6894-5145  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Geoscience and environment monitoring using geospatial science modeling
  • GIS and Remote sensing
  • Flood disasters and resilience
  • Landuse, urban environment and climate change
Matthew Ashfold  0000-0002-2191-1554  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Air pollution
  • Climate variability and change
  • Atmospheric modelling 
Sivathass Bannir Selvam  0000-0002-0085-9937  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Sustainable energy technologies
  • Biofuel production
  • Pollutant treatments
  • Pilot-plant scale investigations
Tapan Kumar Nath  0000-0001-6436-1778  Environmental and Geographical Sciences 
  • Community-based natural resources management, livelihoods
  • Agro-ecological practices (agroforestry, indigenous farming systems)
  • Traditional ecological knowledge
  • Forests and sustainable development goals
  • Urban green space and health
  • Forests and climate change