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Interlibrary Loans

What is interlibrary loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary loan or ILL is a library service where we borrow materials for you not in our collection from other libraries nationally and internationally.

However, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to borrow everything you need—sometimes you may have to travel to another library to consult the item.

The ILL service is for academic purposes only and it is important to check carefully that what you need is definitely not in our collection before you apply.

Who can use this service?

This service is provided to all registered borrowers, in connection with their academic and teaching purposes.

How do I request for an ILL?

Please refer to the Interlibrary loans page.

What type of materials are available through ILL?

You can request for books, journals, journal articles, conference proceedings, and reports.

How long does it take to get the items requested?

The average time is three weeks. This time can be much shorter (especially for articles/photocopies), but it can also be longer. It depends upon the location of the lending library, how fast the lending library responds to the request, and also the efficiency of the postal service.

Is there a limit on the number of requests I may place?

Limits on the number of items you request or quota depends on your status. Quotas by status per academic year (September – August inclusive) can be found at Interlibrary loans.

Do I have to pay for this service?

A standard RM5 handling fee will be charged for all requests successfully fulfilled within your yearly quota. If a fee is imposed by the lending library, you will be contacted for approval before the material is ordered.

Also, any additional requests above your yearly quota will charged at RM15 each.

I need an article that is only published online. Can I request it?

Yes. However, many libraries are unable to send electronic journal articles due to licensing restrictions.

I need an e-book. Can I request it?

No. Due to licensing restrictions, libraries are not able to lend electronic books.

How do I know if an item is available?

Please refer to the Interlibrary loans page.

Where do I pick up my ILL items?

Please refer to the Interlibrary loans page.

How soon do I need to pick up my ILL items?

Items need to be collected within three weeks or before the given due date.

I am unable to pick up the item in person., what can I do?

You may send a well-trusted representative to pick the item up for you. You are responsible for the item and any fees incurred regardless of who collects it for you.

How long can I keep ILL items?

You may keep an ILL item anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on the lending library. (The lending library sets the loan period.)

May ILL materials be renewed?

Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. As policies of lending libraries vary considerably, renewals cannot be guaranteed.


Renewal requests must be made a few days before the item is due. Once an item is overdue, it cannot be renewed.
To submit an ILL renewal request, you may personally come to the Customer Services Counter or contact ILL staff at

How do I cancel the request?

Please refer to the Interlibrary loans page.

What happens if the item I requested is available from the library’s collections?

If the item you requested is found in NUsearch’s electronic or print collections, no handling fee will be charged, but your ILL quota will be deducted.

Will I be penalised if I forget to collect my ILL request?

Yes. Once the item has been ordered and supplied to the library, RM5 handling fee will be charged to your “My Library Card








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