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Interlibrary loans

Eligible members who require books and other publications not held by the library may request for the interlibrary loans (ILL) service. We, however, cannot guarantee that it will be possible to borrow every item you need.

This service is provided to all registered borrowers, except for external borrowers, in connection with their academic and teaching purposes.

The service is available to the following registered members:

Type of user Maximum number of requests
Academic staff 30



RM5 each.

* Any additional requests above the maximum number of requests are charged at RM15 each.

Research postgraduates

Taught postgraduates 20
Non-Academic staff 10
Undergraduates 5


How do I request for an ILL?

Use the Interlibrary Loans form in NUsearch. [Guide PDF  PDFsmall ]

  • You should not apply for material unrelated to your academic needs.
  • You should also take care to check that what you need is definitely not in our stock before you apply.
  • Occasionally, items are lent to us for use in the library only. This condition must be observed.
  • If you think that what you are requesting may not be in English, please remember to indicate in the note whether or not it is acceptable in its original language. You may need to arrange privately for your own translation to be done.

How do I check my ILL requests?

Within NUsearch, click on your name in the top frame, and select "My Requests".

The progress of your requests will be indicated in the status column.

How do I cancel my ILL requests?

It is usually not possible to cancel a request after it is processed. However, if you contact ILL staff, they will advise you accordingly.
If you make a mistake and you wish to cancel a request immediately after keying it in, within NUsearch click on your name in the top frame, select “My Requests”, click on “Cancel” button.

How do I know if an ILL item is available?

You will receive an ILL notification email. Please check if your university email in the system is accurate.


Where do I pick up my ILL items?

If the requested item in digital format, it will be delivered to your university email. On the other hand, if the requested item in printed format, you will need to collect it from the Customer Services Counter of the Library and you are required to sign a copyright-declaration form before the item can be released to you.


How do I return the ILL item?

Interlibrary loans item should be returned to the Customer Services Counter on or before the date given by ILL staff. Fines are charged for items which are returned late at the rate of RM1 per day.

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