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Stop Seat Hoarding Campaign

The Library will be implementing a “Stop Seat Hoarding Campaign 2023”, effective from 12 April to 26 May 2023 in order to maximise the use of the learning spaces.

The objectives of the campaign are as follows: -

  • To raise awareness among users on seat hoarding.
  • To emphasise the safety of personal belongings.
  • To encourage users to share the learning spaces, library facilities, and resources.

Kindly take note of the rules and regulations of the “Stop Seat Hoarding Campaign” below:

  • Any personal belongings such as files, backpacks, laptops, electronic devices, and tumblers including Library books left unattended for more than 30 minutes on tables and seats will be considered as ‘Seat Hoarding’.
  • Seat hoarders in the Library & Learning@The Core will be monitored. Library staff/Student advisers are empowered to remove any unattended belongings for a prolonged duration.
  • Items that have been removed in the Library during the campaign will be stored at the Customer Services Counter and for the Learning@The Core they will be placed at the Student Adviser’s Desk. Unclaimed items for more than 3 days, will be turn over to Security Office.
  • The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

Hence, please be considerate of others and adhere to the rules and Library staff/Student advisers’ instructions when using the library, learning spaces, meeting rooms, and computer rooms.
You may refer to the Disruptive Behaviour Policy on our library website for more information.

Please be informed, there will be a QR code placed on every table in the Library and Learning@The Core to report on seat hoarding.

Please help us to help you, by taking your belongings with you when you leave a carrel, study table or computer workstation.

If you have any enquiries, please email Library Services or call 03-8924 8318 / 8319.  

** The implementation of this campaign is done with full support of the SA Education Network.

Posted on 12th April 2023

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