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All students, staff and registered users with a valid University card are allowed to borrow material from the library.

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How can I borrow an item from the library?

Use your University card to borrow items at:

  • the self-service machine on level B; or
  • at the Customer Services Counter on level B (for reserved books, audio-visual items, accompanying materials, short-loan-restricted bookable items, laptops and learning hub devices)

How do I know when the items I’ve borrowed are due?

Once the auto-renewal is stopped, an Item due notice will be sent to the user, allowing a maximum of six days to return the book. Please return the item(s) by the due date.

Can I borrow audio-visual items (CDs, & DVDs,) from the library?.

To borrow AV items, users have to bring the items to the Customer Services Counter for library staff on duty to issue them out for one week. The AV items will be auto renewed every day unless someone else wants them.

How many items can I borrow?

Type of member
Loan allowance
Number of loans Length of loan
Academic staff 40
  • Our books/AVs will normally be issued for one week and will auto renew every day unless someone else wants them.
  • Books in high demand will be issued for two days.
  • When the book you have requested is ready, we will email you. You will need to collect the book within two days
Research Postgraduate 25
Taught Postgraduate 20
Undergraduate 15
Foundation 10
Non-academic staff 10
Associate account 10
Alumni 4


Can I borrow a periodical?

Periodicals are for reference only, which means that you can only use them in the library. To refer to periodicals of the current year, please ask at the Customer Services Counter.

You can only borrow two periodicals at any one time.

For bound volumes of previous years’ issues of periodicals, you can ask to see to a complete list of these bound volumes in our collection at the Customer Services Counter. Bound volumes are kept in the Store Room@Level C, and to borrow any bound volume, you will need to first fill in a form and come back the next day to refer to it in the library.

You are also limited to borrowing two bound journals at any one time.

How do I request for books from Central Store?

When searching for books in NUsearch you may come across a location listed as ‘Central Store’. In order to borrow an item under this category, you must click on ‘Request’. An email will be sent to the requester when the item is ready to be collected. The item will be held at the Customer Services Counter for two days, and will be returned to Central Store if it is not collected within the two days.


How do I borrow a short-loan-restricted bookable item?

Short-loan-restricted bookable items can only be borrowed (and returned) at the Customer Services Counter on level B of the library.

The loan period for items under this category is three hours and the items can only be used in the library during its normal operating hours.



How do I return items?

You can return items to the library in the following ways:

  • Using the self-service machine on level B.
  • At the Customer Services Counter on level B.
  • When the library is closed, using the drop box outside the library to return books.
  • Postgraduate students can return items at the Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre (KLTC) book return box. Please fill in the 'Return-of-library-books' form provided before dropping the items in the  box.


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