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Nottingham University Business School
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Avvari, Mohan V+6 (03) 8924 8261Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Acting DeanEnvelope Icon
Khong, Kok Wei+6 (03) 8725 3757Professor of Marketing Analytics, Associate Dean (Research) FASSEnvelope Icon
Lee, Chew Ging+6 (03) 8924 8259Professor of Quantitative Methods, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesEnvelope Icon
Ong, Fon Sim+6 (03) 8924 8200Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)Envelope Icon
Honorary Professors
Gocher, Timn/aHonorary Professor of Sustainable BusinessEnvelope Icon
Pickl, Stefann/aHonorary Professor in Operations ResearchEnvelope Icon
Associate Professors
Hooi, Carol+6 (03) 8924 8702Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational BehaviourEnvelope Icon
Hung, Woan Ting+6 (03) 8924 8264Associate Professor of Management AccountingEnvelope Icon
Kaliannan, Maniam+6 (03) 8924 8274Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Director MSc Programmes.Envelope Icon
Lau, Chee Kwong+6 (03) 8924 8283Associate Professor of AccountingEnvelope Icon
Lee, Jason Yoong Hon+6 (03) 8924 8269Associate Professor of Business Economics;Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programmes - Student Exchange & Transfers, Divisional Director of Business Economics & Quantitative Methods.Envelope Icon
Parinduri, Rasyad+6 (03) 8924 8287Associate Professor of Business Economics, Chair of Research Ethics CommitteeEnvelope Icon
S. Mutum, Dilip+6 (03) 8725 3754Associate Professor of Marketing, Divisional Research Director of Leadership, Management and MarketingEnvelope Icon
Salim, Mohammad Rizal+6 (03) 8924 8292Associate Professor of LawEnvelope Icon
Seow, Hsin-Vonn+6 (03) 8924 8262Associate Professor of Operations Research, Director of ResearchEnvelope Icon
Wong, Kenny Meng Seng+6 (03) 8924 8291Associate Professor of Information SystemsEnvelope Icon
Yee, Angelina Seow Voon+6 (03) 8924 8277Associate Professor in AccountingEnvelope Icon
Senior University Teaching Fellow
Abraham, Mathew+6 (03) 8924 8286Senior University Teaching Fellow of Organisation Behaviour; Deputy Director of MSc Programmes; FASS Health and Safety Committee Chair; NUBS Postgraduate Student Support and Disability Liaison OfficerEnvelope Icon
Chakrabarty, Anita+6 (03) 8924 8266Senior University Teaching Fellow. Deputy Director of MBA Programmes.Envelope Icon
Chit, Myint Moe+6 (03) 8725 3589Senior University Teaching Fellow, Director of MBA Programmes (Malaysia)Envelope Icon
Khong, Roy W. L.+6 (03) 8924 8256Senior University Teaching Fellow of Financial Economics and Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programmes (Accreditation and Internships)Envelope Icon
Pek, Chuen Khee+6 (03) 8924 8696Senior University Teaching Fellow of Green EconomicsEnvelope Icon
Yap, Michael Meow-Chung+6 (03) 8924 8265Senior University Teaching Fellow; Divisional Research Director (Business Economics & Quantitative Methods)Envelope Icon
Assistant Professors
Ang, Patricia Mei Mei+6 (03) 8924 8268Assistant Professor, Divisional Director of Leadership, Management and Marketing DivisionEnvelope Icon
Arshad, Shaista+6 (03) 8924 8242Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Chan, Wen Li+6 (03) 8924 8249Assistant Professor of Business Law. Director, Information and Communications (Business School). Deputy Director, Business School Undergraduate Programme (Disability Liaison Officer & Student Support Officer). Chair, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Equality & Diversity Committee. University Assessor (UNMC).Envelope Icon
How, Shi Min+6 (03) 8924 8273Assistant Professor of AccountingEnvelope Icon
Mustafa, Michael+6 (03) 8924 8282Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and InnovationEnvelope Icon
Nasir, Rosniwati+6 (03) 8924 8263Assistant Professor of Computing and Innovation Management.Envelope Icon
Ponnusamy, Vanitha+6 (03) 8924 8270Assistant Professor of Organisational Management, Campus Senior Tutor, School Senior Tutor.Envelope Icon
Ramachandran, Jayalakshmy+6 (03) 8924 8779Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Rashid, Mamunur+6 (03) 8725 3565Assistant Professor of FinanceEnvelope Icon
Sarma, Vengadeshvaran+6 (03) 8725 3566Assistant Professor of Business Economics, Director of Undergraduate ProgrammeEnvelope Icon
Tang, Kin Boon+6 (03) 8924 8289Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, Director of PhD Programme, Divisional Director of Accounting, Finance and LawEnvelope Icon
Tan, Chee Meng+6 (03) 8924 8298Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Too, Shaw Warn+6 (03) 8924 8781Assistant Professor of AccountingEnvelope Icon
Yeoh, Ken Kyid+6 (03) 8924 8258Assistant Professor of CSR, Ethics & Governance, Chair of NUBS Accreditation Standards Committee (Malaysia Campus), Chair of the Research Ethics Committee (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences), Deputy Director of Executive EducationEnvelope Icon
Other Academic
Owuamalam, Chuma+6 (03) 8924 8721Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Hashim, Nur Ida+6 (03) 8725 3595Business School Administrative Assistant (Foundation Programme)Envelope Icon
Jamalludin, Nur Fathirah+6 (03) 8725 3753Business School Admin AssistantEnvelope Icon
Lau, Pooi Fan+6 (03) 8924 8187Business School Administrator (Foundation and UG Programmes)Envelope Icon
Law, Huong Mei+6 (03) 8924 8250Business School Assistant Manager (PG Programmes)Envelope Icon
Leong, Choy Wan+6 (03) 8924 8243Business School Assistant Manager (School Operations & Research Management)Envelope Icon
Md Noh, Aida Rozani+6 (03) 8725 3756Business School Admin AssistantEnvelope Icon
Ramachandren, Hemananthini+6 (03) 8725 3594Business School Administrative Assistant (PG Programmes)Envelope Icon
Visumaniam, Kayateri+6 (03) 8725 3597Business School Administrative Assistant (School Support)Envelope Icon
Wong, Judy+6 (03) 8924 8303Business School Executive Assistant (External Relations)Envelope Icon

Nottingham University Business School

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