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Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 Dr Teo Wing Leong

In this phone interview published by “The Oriental Daily News”, a Chinese language newspaper in Malaysia, Dr Teo commented about “Shared Prosperity Vision 2030”, a vision launched by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on 9 May 2019. The interview is presented in Chinese.

An 'uncreative' creative industries policy Dr Thomas Barker

In response to recent government measures to kick-start the creative industries in Malaysia, we look at the policy environment for the creative industries at a national level and previous funding programs. We investigate their flaws and discuss how the new programs are funding orientated without attention to broader structural and institutional problems. We note how digital is becoming synonymous with creative in many instances.

The UK and the Belt and Road Initiative: Interview with Ben Barton, University of Nottingham Dr Benjamin Barton

This interview discusses the need for the British government to consider developing its own ‘Belt-and-Road Initiative’ strategy in the new post-Brexit era. 

Consider This: COVID-19 - Will Higher Education Adapt? Dr Thomas Barker

On 15 April, Thomas Barker appeared on Astro Awani “Consider This” talking about the challenges that this pandemic is posing for universities and other institutions of higher learning. Thomas discussed both the impact on the higher education sector internationally as well as here in Malaysia and the ways universities and students can cope with the disruption and possible depression. 

Mental Health - Prepared for the New Normal? Dr Chan Wen Li

Guest on Astro Awani’s 'Consider This' programme. Interviewed by hosts Melisa Idris and Sharaad Kuttan.

An Astonishing Ape Dr Steve Stewart-Williams

Steve Stewart-Williams appears on the Two For Tea Podcast with Iona Italia. They discuss Steve's book The Ape That Understood the Universe, evolutionary psychology, cultural evolution, altruism, mate choice, and much more.

Where Does Jealousy Come From? Dr Steve Stewart-Williams

Popular-science article by Steve Stewart-Williams in the BBC's Focus Magazine. It’s all about the romantic jealousy: Is it part of human nature or human culture – or a little of both?

Nurture Alone Can’t Explain Male Aggression Dr Steve Stewart-Williams

Popular-science article by Steve Stewart-Williams in Nautilus magazine. The article is all about the nature and nurture of sex differences in aggression.

Studying Twins Dr Steve Stewart-Williams

Steve Stewart-Williams appears on BFM radio with Sue Ann Lim, to discuss twin studies, behavioural genetics, and the Nottingham Malaysian Twin Registry.

Educational Inequalities in Sri Lanka: National Data and Local Perspectives on Access, Quality and Learning Outcomes Dr Vengadeshvaran Sarma

A study co-authored by Nottingham University Business School Malaysia's academic Dr Vengadeshvaran Sarma (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Stefanie Licht (GIZ), and Tushani Kalugalagedara (CEPA), Titled 'Poverty in Sri Lanka' shows educational Inequality in Sri Lanka: National Data and Local Perspectives on Access, Quality and Learning Outcomes was launched at an open forum event by the Sri Lankan think tank CEPA on Tuesday 12 February 2019. CEPA - The Centre for Poverty Analysis is an independent Sri Lankan think-tank promoting a better understanding of poverty-related development issues. GIZ - The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH is a German Development Agency.
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