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E-Mentoring Programme

The eMentoring programme utilises online communication tools such an email or Skype, as agreed by the mentor and mentee for a hassle-free, yet effective exchange.

The programme encourages the alumni community to get involved as it can be a beneficial career development tool that will offer mentors access to bright, enthusiastic individuals, and directly enhances the student's learning experience.

Participating in this scheme is personally rewarding and there are also professional benefits to be gained, including:

An insight into the graduate workforce of the future and understanding of the challenges they face.

Identifying potential areas of development to improve corporate training programmes.

Assess motivated talent in a competitive hiring environment.

Increased job satisfaction through sharing your success with a student.

Enhanced corporate social responsibility profile.

We will provide support and work with you to ensure that your eMentoring relationship is successful.

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Message from the Vice-Chancellor


One of the things you measure a University by is the quality of its graduates – not crude league tables – but by what they’ve done since they’ve left the University, how successful they’ve been in their careers and what contribution they’ve made to society – they are the criteria I use to judge the quality of our alumni because their success is our success.

We are a global community of 280,000 alumni members.

Professor Shearer West                                   


VC-shearer west



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