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School of Economics alumnus is awarded Fullbright Scholarship

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Lim Kai Shen, an alumnus from the School of Economics, was awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to pursue his PhD in Population Health Sciences at Harvard University. Receiving a Fullbright Scholarship is a tremendous privilege as it has a history of producing global leaders in various fields including politics, business and academia.

During the application process, Kai Shen stated that his ultimate goal was to play his role as a Malaysian and contribute towards nation-building initiatives. Plus, his ability to construct a coherent and tangible narrative in connecting his academic interests with this overarching goal of nation building were the reasons he believes his application was favoured by the scholarship board.

Kai Shen began his doctoral research this August and it mainly revolves around themes in health economics, particularly on individual and organisational incentive structures to ensure maximum benefits for the population.

Upon successful completion of his doctorate, Kai Shen intends to pursue a career in academia, and continue to build his knowledge in health systems globally. He will then use his academic knowledge to work alongside the civil service and political leaders to ensure that the Malaysian health system continues to perform at a high level globally.

For those intending to apply for scholarships, this is Kai Shen’s advice: “Think about how your academic goals fits with your personal goals. Make sure you give the scholarship board a clear sense of how you intend to achieve your goals, and how it aligns with their programme. It is a two-way relationship, the scholarship benefits you, but you must do your part in showing how your goals benefits them.”

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Posted on 23rd October 2019

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