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With a wide variety of eventual specialisation, our Biomedical Sciences degree is purposely designed to maximise your career options.  Your career choice will be influenced by your interests, skills and abilities, hence our Biomedical Sciences degree offers you the opportunity to choose what is best for you, with some examples listed below:

Hands-on science

Medical research

  • Evaluate effectiveness of new treatments in clinical trials. Contribute towards the development of new treatments.
  • Work in universities, research institutes and public health laboratories.

Research & development

  • Perform experimental research with the intention of making novel discoveries towards the development of new and exciting products, such as drugs to treat cancer or HIV/AIDS.
  • Work in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry or food and drink industry.

Further education

  • Pursue further education - MSc or PhD
  • Work in academia or the industrial sector.

Graduate Entry into Medicine

  • Students seeking to pursue medicine can apply for graduate-entry following completion of our Biomedical Sciences degree as the scientific knowledge and skills developed during the course are transferrable to the medical program.

Hands-off science

If you are interested in science but do not want to work in the laboratory, our Biomedical Sciences degree provides you with other options.  With a degree in Biomedical Sciences, you may choose to pursue a career as a:

Scientific journalist

  • Research, write and edit scientific news articles for either the lay public or professional audiences.
  • Work for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, radio and television stations and internet news services.

Medical information officer

  • Manage healthcare information at an establishment, as well as maintains information system databases within the organization.
  • Work for medical practices and pharmaceutical companies.

Patent advisor

  • Advice and guides scientists in protecting the intellectual property of their products.
  • Work in the pharmaceutical industry, university or in a law firm. 


Careers outside of science

Biomedical Sciences graduates can also embark on careers unrelated to Biomedical Sciences as our degree will increase your abilities across a range of sought after skills and competencies applicable in the non-scientific fields.  Highly-transferable skills such as analytical thinking and critical reasoning will allow you to thrive in a wide range of work sectors from IT and finance to management and accountancy.

Division of Biomedical Sciences

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