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What is Biomedical Sciences?

The dynamic world of Biomedical Sciences underpins much of modern healthcare. As illnesses and treatments become more sophisticated, so too does the need for more advanced understanding of the human body and the effects drugs and diseases have.

Key disciplines

At Nottingham, Biomedical Sciences is made up of several key disciplines:

  • Pharmacology: the effects drugs have on the body
  • Physiology: how the body works
  • Anatomy: the structure of the body
  • Biochemistry: the study of chemical processes in living organisms
  • Neuroscience: the study of the central and peripheral nervous systems

Dr. Yvonne Mbaki talks about Biomedical Sciences at the Malaysia Campus.


Why study Biomedical Sciences?

Studying Biomedical Sciences provides you the perfect platform to gain knowledge and skills for a rewarding career in industry or academia. 

Graduates from the Biomedical Sciences programme are exposed to a wide variety of careers ranging from medical research to pharmaceuticals and academia.  Many students also progress to postgraduate research degrees, while others go on to medical writing, patent work and drug discovery.

World-class education

An education at the University of Nottingham means that you will find all the right ingredients for a world-class education.  Not only will you be studying at one of the world’s very best universities, but the Division of Biomedical Sciences itself also has a reputation for powerful, research-informed teaching. 

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