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Pedagogy in Science


New generations value self-engagement and technology. This group is striving for bringing creativity and innovation in Science teaching to make students feel joy of science by engagement and take a control on their own learning. 

Our Mission 

To provide research and technology-led pedagogical methods in science as indicators for our excellence and high-quality teaching practices toward meaningful applications of science in life of our students. 

Current research focus: 

  • Developing educational game to learn immunology 
  • Teaching Autonomic Pharmacology by t-shirts 
  • Use of eye-tracking in developing effective teaching material  
  • Giving feedback as a tool to improve scientific writing skills 
  • Develop an interactive Biomedical Science module for high school children with a mobile PCR machine to encourage learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. 
  • Using Virtual Reality technology in pharmacy teaching, developing Virtual Teaching Pharmacy to facilitate student learning on UK law and pharmacy practice. 

Current members:

  1. Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga 
  2. Dr Aini Hamid 
  3. Dr Then Sue-Mian








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