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All students should register within 3 weeks of their course start date. 

The full schedule (with exceptions) can be found here.

New Students

1. Key messages from Head of school 

2. Campus plan and directions

3. Week One Programme

4. Choosing Optional Modules

  • Year 1 students can view the module choices in Year 1 school handbook 
  • Year 2 direct entry students can view the optional module choices in Year 2 school handbook 
  • Postgraduate (PG) students can view the optional module choices in PG school handbook 
  • During week one you will meet with your course manager who will provide advice for optional module choices. Year 1 courses have no optional modules during the first year. 

Click the links below to view Year 1, 2, 3 and PG school handbooks:

5. Laboratory coat and safety spectacles

  • You will need to collect these during week one, please check your week one program for dates and times. Laboratory coats are given to students in the first week and are free of charge, any replacements would need to be paid for by individuals.

6. Suggested background reading list

7. Financial support

8. Information for students with a disability

9. Accommodation

10. Teaching timetable   

11. New progression rule


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