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Theme 4_v2   

The research team under Software Engineering and E-Learning theme is working on Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Software Modelling & Simulation, Computational Biology, e-learning, Hypermedia Systems, and Decision Support Systems. The team is interested in potential Software Engineering topics having research components and novelty factor to enhance the existing Software Engineering practices.  


Selected Publications

  1. Brendan Nicholas Cheong Hui Sia, Ze Wei Koh, Michael Chung, Zhiyuan Chen, Sung Hui Chua,Darmesh A/L Ganesan, Min Yei Kuah, Kai Jun Tey and Wei En Yeoh, 2021. CRYPTOCOINOPOLY: A Real Time Online Multiplayer Board Game. In: ICACTE 2021 (14th International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering).
  2. Alvin Chaidrata, Mariyam Imtha Shafeeu, Sze Ker Chew, Zhiyuan Chen, Jin Sheng Cham, Zi Li Yong, Uen Hsieh Yap and Dania Imanina Binti Kamarul Bahrin, 2021. Intent Matching based Customer Services Chatbot with Natural Language Understanding. In the 5th International Conference on Communication and Information Systems (ICCIS 2021).
  3. Zhiyuan Chen, Soon Boon Lee, Shazia Paras Shaikh and Mirza Rayana Sanzana, 2021. The Study of Peer Assessment Impact on Group Learning Activities. In: FECS'21 (The 17th Int'l Conf on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering).
  4. A. C. ACHDA, A. AZURAT, R. MUSCHEVICI and M. R. A. SETYAUTAMI, 2017. Extending the automated feature model analysis capability of the abstract behavioral specification In: icacsis. 453-458
  5. FERRUCCIO DAMIANI, MICHAEL LIENHARDT, RADU MUSCHEVICI and INA SCHAEFER, 2017. An Extension of the ABS Toolchain with a Mechanism for Type Checking SPLs In: ifm. 111-126
  6. NAILY, MOH. AFIFUN, SETYAUTAMI, MAYA RETNO AYU, MUSCHEVICI, RADU and AZURAT, ADE, 2017. A Framework for Modelling Variable Microservices as Software Product Lines In: sefm. 246-261
  7. HÄHNLE, REINER and MUSCHEVICI, RADU, 2016. Towards Incremental Validation of Railway Systems In: isola. 433-446
  8. MAYA R. A. SETYAUTAMI, ADE AZURAT, REINER HÄHNLE and RADU MUSCHEVICI, 2016. A UML Profile for Delta-Oriented Programming to Support Software Product Line Engineering In: splc.
  9. MAYA R. A. SETYAUTAMI, REINER HÄHNLE, RADU MUSCHEVICI and ADE AZURAT, 2016. A UML Profile for Delta-Oriented Programming to Support Software Product Line Engineering
  10. TRIANDO, RADU MUSCHEVICI and ADE AZURAT, 2016. Incremental Product Configuration in Software Product Line Engineering In: icacsis.

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