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Macro and International Economics

Group overview

The Macro and International Economics research group is primarily concerned with four (4) broad topics: 

  1. The effects and optimal design of fiscal and monetary policies.
  2. The relations between historical and institutional factors as well as economic growth and development.
  3. The effects of economic integration, causes and consequences of trade between countries/territories, firm international trade activities, determinants of productivity as well as impacts of trade policies.
  4. Tourist behaviour, tourism demand and supply, sustainable tourism, determinants of bilateral tourism flows, and tourism development.

Group members 

Dr Wing Leong TEO  

Most of Wing Leong’s research involves the use of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models to evaluate the nature of business cycles, inflation dynamics, asset price dynamics, as well as the optimal design of monetary and fiscal policies in both closed economy and open economy settings. Wing Leong also evaluates how international trade affects economic growth and development. 

Subfields: Monetary Economics and International Finance. 

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Dr Luke Okafor  

Dr Luke Okafor’s research focuses on the intersection of international trade, digital transformation, tourism economics, development process, education economics, and industrial organisation with a specific focus on how firms and industries respond to globalisation and shocks. This includes investigating the interplay between digitalisation, economic resilience, and performance as well as COVID-19 effects on firms, industries, and economies. 

Subfields: International Economics, Tourism Economics, Industrial Economics, Applied Economics, Education Economics, and Development Economics.   

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