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Abirami Naidu

Abirami Naidu

BSc (Hons) Economics, Class of 2019

How did you discover about studying at Nottingham Malaysia? How is your experience living in Malaysia and studying at the university? 
Economics is a subject I have always been interested in ever since I was introduced to it during my IGCSEs. So, when I decided to take up Economics for my undergraduate studies, a lot of research went into choosing the right university. Not surprisingly, British universities always topped the list with the University of Nottingham high up the rankings and continues to exceed. In fact, I had applied to the UK campus and also got an offer, but my scholarship agency had recommended the Malaysia campus, and it is everything I could have hoped for.

I have always been fascinated by culture, and as an international student, experiencing and understanding the local culture is of utmost importance to me when studying away from home. Malaysia is an outstanding country to experience the coexistence three distinct cultures; it sets as an example to the rest of the countries on how embracing other cultures can help everyone grow together. Coming from Seychelles, which is also a melting pot of African, European, Indian and Chinese culture; it is all the more interesting to see how the same cultures thrive in a different region. The university is also filled with students from around the world, making the experience all the more global and culturally enriching. 

The location of the university also enabled me to experience both the suburban and city life. The free shuttle service provided by the university and the easy-to-use and efficient public transport system of Malaysia made it easier to access the cities and travel around the country.  

Studying at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia not only focuses on academics, but it also gives room to delve into extracurricular activities. The wide array of societies offered, ranging from academic, sports to music and dance; there is an endless amount of things to explore. Nottingham Malaysia is definitely a university to excel academically while having fun.

Has the degree met your expectations? 
BSc Economics is everything I hoped for. The School of Economics offers a wide range of disciplines such as development, financial, experimental and behavioural and many more. It also allows us to opt for modules from other schools that can help complement our degree or to just experience a different module, such as language or psychology. We are also a very small school and my class only had around a maximum of 30 students. This made the classes more engaging and close-knit. The lecturers are also well informed and excel in their own fields, but this does not stop them from being extremely friendly and helpful, thus making it easier to approach them if in need of help. They also come from various countries around the world, and this helps the students gain a global perspective on economics.  


Would you encourage your compatriots to study BSc economics in Malaysia? 
Economics is so vast that it helps its graduates specialise in a variety of fields, whether in economics or even finance and law. So, BSc Economics is a great place to start at for those who are yet to decide on their preferred specialisation. In Seychelles, there are relatively fewer economic graduates and there is a range of organisations that employ economists. Hence, I would definitely encourage fellow Seychellois, if interested, to study BSc Economics at Nottingham Malaysia. 

If you select one memorable moment from your degree, what would it be?
The three years of my degree have been filled with memories, with friends and meeting new people. But, if I was to select just one memorable moment, I would definitely say the time I spent working on my dissertation. It’s probably something most students would not say, but I think that dissertation helps you explore the subject on your own and this definitely helps with a more interesting and passionate topic. Also, at the end of it all, you get the satisfaction of submitting probably your first most important piece of work. 




There are different branches of economics, have you discovered your passion in one field? 

Ever since my introduction to economics, development economics has always been my favourite. In fact, it was development economics that pushed me to pursue my undergraduate degree in economics. Economics is a big part of our daily lives I don’t believe that there is a way further development without the synergy of the two. I have always wanted to bring a positive change to the world and be part of something bigger than me and I think that development economic would be a perfect way to kickstart that journey.  

What are your career plans? 
I intend on going back to my hometown, Seychelles. I hope this will bring me clarity on whether development economics would be my go-to option for a master’s degree or whether there is a better alternative. 

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