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Mindfulness in Special Needs Education Conference

5 August 2017

In collaboration with the Rythm Foundation, the School of Education invited student teachers, practitioners, parents and the wider community to explore the concept and different aspects of mindfulness in special needs education. The conference approached mindfulness pertinently with the concept of inclusion and holistic education; sharing interesting findings from research and system perspectives. The participants were involved in workshops that demonstrated strategies to incorporate mindfulness in emotional regulation of students with special needs as well as strategies to improve the quality of interactions with this group of students. The participants also experienced a therapeutic yoga session!


The sessions took place are as follows:


  1. Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation Techniques for Children with Special Learning Needs by Ms. Julie Cox
  2. Mindfulness in Special Needs Education: Research Evidence by Dr. Alefiya Nomanbhoy


  3. Being Inclusive and Holistic @ EduVillage by Mr. Law Cheok Maan


  1. Sensory Integration and Emotional Literacy by Ms. Julie Cox


  2. Therapeutic Special Yoga by Mr. Youvarajan Vadiveloo


  3. Mindful Communication in Everyday Interactions by Dr. Wong Tze Peng & Dr. Low Hui Min

Posted on 3rd November 2017

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