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The School of Education provides an exciting and rewarding learning experience with a global view. We aim to inspire our students to inspire others. Because we believe that education can improve the lives and opportunities of individuals and communities, we champion the study and improvement of education for all. Our vision is to build upon our local, national and international reputation for the highest quality scholarship, research and teaching in the field of education.



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Why should I study Education and Teaching in Malaysia?

The following are some good reasons why students should graduate in the field of education in Malaysia:

  • The education sector in Malaysia continues to develop every year. 

  • Teaching can be an incredibly fulfilling profession where you play a vital role in nurturing future leaders and shaping the next generation of students.

  • By studying in Malaysia, you can benefit from professional networking opportunities with international schools and other primary education institutions. Malaysian Universities like UNM have partnerships with such organisations, which can lead to internships and job opportunities for promising graduates.

  • Graduates of education programmes in Malaysia can pursue a broad range of professional opportunities in schools, colleges, and universities, making it a versatile and rewarding career choice.

What are the education programmes offered by the University of Nottingham in Malaysia?

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education and a Bachelor of Education (BEd)?

Both are degrees in education. However, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education offers students a comprehensive blend of education courses within the liberal arts or general education framework. Students can expect to learn educational theory, psychology, teaching methods, and policy. This degree provides a broad foundation for careers in education and related fields, but those who want to pursue teaching roles may require additional certification. 

A Bachelor of Education (BEd) is a specialised professional degree specifically designed to prepare individuals for teaching careers. It focuses on practical training, pedagogy, classroom management and educational assessment. Graduates will be eligible to apply for teaching positions in schools, as it is a direct pathway to teaching.

Is financial aid available for students studying at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia?

Yes, UNM offers a range of scholarships and financial assistance options for eligible students.

What is campus life like at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia?

UNM provides a vibrant campus community with a range of facilities and activities, including sports facilities, shops and cafes, and health services.

Can international students study at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia?

Yes, UNM welcomes international students from around the world to enrol in our programmes if they fulfil the eligibility requirements. 

Can students at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia participate in study abroad programmes?

Yes, students can participate in study abroad programmes at the University's campuses in the UK or China, or at partner institutions around the world.

What kind of research facilities and opportunities are available at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia?

UNM provides a range of research facilities and opportunities for its students. These include state-of-the-art laboratories, research centres, and partnerships with industry and government organisations.

What can you do with an education degree in Malaysia?

Following are some of the possible career options for graduates in Education: 

  • Elementary school teacher, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher

  • Education administrator

  • Communication education officer

  • Special education teacher

  • Education consultant

  • Curriculum developer

  • Education researcher

  • Education policy analyst

  • Corporate trainer

  • Education writer

  • International education specialist



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