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This book captures the educational journey of a humble boy who once run around on an island and worked his way up to running around on university campuses as a professor. It illustrates the many challenges as a student, as a teacher, and in an educational system with traditional values. It tracks his elementary life, high school life, university life, then his professional life in education. After seeing a system filled with educational limitations, he decided to establish a school to promote child friendly practices and to encourage a small society to change educational practice to that of classrooms conducive to learning. Going through this process alone posted many challenges, but he was very successful. After the success of establishing a school with contemporary practices, far from the norm, the next challenge was to keep the school open. This book serves as motivation to any student, teacher, or leader of education. After reading, one will be inspired to strive to overcome any challenges in education that one may face. 


The writer of this book, Alberto Luis August is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Educational Leadership & Management programme at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, School of Education, Educational Leadership Department. He is the founder of La Isla Cariñosa Academy, a preschool and elementary school in Belize, and held the roles as principal and manager. For 3 years, he served as the Dean of the School of Education at Galen University where he successfully launched a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education programme for principals and teachers. For 4 years, he carried out the role of Assistant Professor and the National Coordinator for the Teacher Internship program at the University of Belize. He holds a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and a Master Degree in Secondary Education from the University of North Florida. He has 25+ years of teaching-learning experience at the primary, secondary, and tertiary level of education. He has conducted extended research in the field of early childhood education and development, teacher development, and facilitated principal and teacher's workshop across Belize, as well as published and presented at conferences and seminars advocating for children of all ages. His passion is to develop teachers and school leaders to be creative and critical thinkers as education evolves into the new age of technology. He pledges to work with teachers and school leaders to be skilled educators using innovative teaching and learning strategies, to guide them to be caring individuals in a child friendly environment, and at the same time, encourages them to embrace the ever changing world with the consideration of sustainable development of a nation. 

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Posted on 2nd December 2019

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